Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Party Number 1


Sunday we had the first celebration for Quentin's birthday. We celebrated with family. We celebrated early, because my grandmother goes to Florida for the winter. Normally she'd be gone already, but agreed to stay a few more days if Quentin's birthday party was early. So that she could be there, we made it 2 (and a bit) weeks early. (Quentin sported the same vest Sean did for his 1st birthday! Mack's birthday is in June, and it was way too hot for him to wear the same thing to his birthday, and Mackenzie was still in 9 month clothing at his 1st birthday, where this vest is 12-18 month size). It was a bit big, but worked nonetheless.


Quentin had a great time!


As did his brothers & cousin.


I changed Quentin before cake. Especially since my step-mother-in-law made him his very own cake (for him to dig into).



(I love this picture!) (And unfortunately we didn't get a single picture of the 5 of us that came out. We'll have to try again at party #2, with friends, which is coming up later this month).


Quentin actually tried to grab the flame! He was so fascinated by it!


And then got to dig into his very own chocolate cake.


Oh, he had a field day!


I think we have another chocoholic on our hands.


Quentin got spoiled by his family.
He is truly blessed (as are all my boys).


The look on his face when opening gifts, was truly priceless.


sapphireblue said...

Awww! So sweet! Can't believe he's one already!

Mom In Training aka M.I.T :) said...

I love you blog. It's great to catch up and get a bird's eye view on your ever-so-busy life :) Quentin, is such a cutie, I'm glad he had a great kick start to his party season!!xo Tae

Chris - Just Being A Mama said...

Happy first birthday little man!!!

Anonymous said...

Awww...happy birthday, Quentin! Looking good, Robyn....and so does that chocolate cake :D

Tara said...

Happy birthday, little man! Sheesh, where does the time go, eh?

Dawn said...

Happy Birthday Quentin! How lucky is he with that chocolate cake!

g-girl said...

i love the look on his face while opening his presents too. :)