Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thrifting Fun

I've been thrifting lately, and I've been finding some good deals too.


First, on Craigslist, I found a mom selling these silicone ice cube trays. I've been looking for silicone ones, as they can be put in the oven. I've been wanting to melt down our crayon bits (that I have been saving for years) into new crayons. These Sesame Street trays used to sell at our local dollar store for a buck each. I scored these, plus 4 regular trays, which I will give to a friend who is freezing baby food for her child, for 1$ for all 9 trays.


Then, I found both this awesome puzzle piece tray & skull head tray at a local thrift shop. I am super excited to make puzzle piece crayons! (Or even puzzle piece chocolate!) These were .99¢ each. The puzzle piece is apparently from Ikea.

I am still on the lookout for other funky silicone trays. I think it would be fun to make a bunch of assorted shaped crayons with our broken crayon bits.


At the same thrift store, I found some super hero figures (and some other random toys) for my boys for a ridiculously cheap price. The new batmans and spidermans were a huge hit. A run through the dishwasher to clean & sterilize them, and we were good to go.


I also found, one "I ♥ # 1 son" frame. I had gotten 2 of them after Mack was born, and when I went back to see if the local dollar store (where I found these frames from), had another one after Quentin was born, they did not. I found one, in mint condition, still in it's original packaging, at the thrift store, and was more excited than you can imagine. I paid .99¢ for it, which it would have cost 1$ at the dollar store. I didn't care I was paying full price for this at the thrift store, because I've been hunting one down... forever! This score made my day. (And no, the picture frame on the lower shelf of this image, with the 2 boys in black & white, that's not my kids. It's a frame that I need to put in pictures of my kids!) I was debating whether to take the pics of Mack & Sean out, and just keep 1 frame and put a picture of all 3 boys together, until I found a frame the other day. Now they each can have their own frame. I do need to update the pictures of Sean & Mack, those are a tad outdated.


Lastly, for ridiculously inexpensive, I score a Sophie. I can't recall how much exactly she cost, as she was in a bag with other toys (action figures). Sophie retails 25$ (or so) plus taxes. Right now I have her for sale on Craigslist, as I've sterilized her and she's in excellent condition. Quentin has a Sophie, and I even have a back up Sophie (new in box) in case we lose our Sophie. (Sophie came out when Mack was starting to teeth - around 7 months old. I bought him a Sophie at full price. Then he lost Sophie. He loved that thing. When he started to chew on his friends Sophie, I decided that I should indeed replace the lost Sophie. So I did. And that's Quentin's Sophie now. (I didn't know of Sophie when Sean was teething). Anyhow, while I was pregnant with Quentin, there was a deal on Sophie, so I bought it, and figured that if I don't ever need it as a back up for a lost Sophie, then I can use it as a gift, as it's new in box. I am sure that this Sophie above will be sold before I know it. I don't think that the thrift shop even realized how valuable Sophie is. It was just mixed in with a bunch of action figures, for very inexpensive... And that was my score!

I keep wanting to go back to the thrift store to see what other finds there are. It's so thrilling!


Anonymous said...

I am a dedicated thrifter as well, Robyn. I love that you never know what you will find. I have seen those Sophie teethers at Chapters locally, and thought that might make a nice baby gift, Glad to hear they were popular in your house!

Sandra said...

nice haul! I dont thrift as often as I used to, and now you're making me want to go again! We used to have a great Goodwill a few minutes away - great location and staff, very clean, great stuff, but it closed. The next nearest isn't nearly as nice or clean, so I din't go very often...

g-girl said...

you totally scored! I remember seeing that puzzle piece ice cube tray @ ikea when it first came out. love the skull molds you found! :) i didn't know you were a thrifter!

Nadine said...

You are a super awesome thrifter! These are great finds! I missed out on the Sophie craze with my girls. Boo!