Saturday, November 05, 2011


This video is hysterical! The last 2 kids at the end sitting on the couch killed me! My fave lines are, "2+2=5!" "You're going to have a tummy ache!" and lastly, "Daddy, you're ugly!". Oh my, this was toooo funny. Debating whether to prank Sean & Mackenzie. Mackenzie would flip if his chocolate disappeared!


Barb said...

LOL so funny!! I don't think I have the heart to do that to my girls, they would totally freak out, crying hystericaly....I have to admit, it would be funny though :)

Bea said...

My friend Jenn is 6 months pregnant. She has a 19 month old. When the 19 month old was asked if she loved her mom, she thought for a moment and replied "Momma have big bellez." Nice.

g-girl said...

sigh...those poor children! to me this was evil. i felt horrible for the kids..especially the little ones cos they don't get that it's a joke.