Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Trick Or Treating


Last night, Sean wore his other Batman Costume (this one was a bit larger than the black one he wore to daycare, so he was able to get layers under the costume). Quentin wore his Frog Costume again (as it had feet as was the warmest) and Mack wore his black batman costume, which again, like Sunday night after a Halloween party, he tried to ask to sleep in it again. He put up a good fight too! The boys were layered in pjs & clothes as well as a sweater too under their costumes. I'm glad I was able to get layers. Also, it was 11°C outside, rare for October 31st. The last couple of Halloweens we froze outside. I didn't even have to wear gloves it was so warm! It was actually a pleasure to be out.

We had no one really come to our house except for the bell ringing about 4 times with maybe 6 kids total. Jamie stayed home and handed out candy to those 6 kids. I went out with the kids & my mom for a bit just to do the 2 circles around my house and part of another street as we had friends living there who wanted to see the kids. No one really was giving out candy! The houses we did go to, gave us extra, as no one was even coming to their houses either. One girl even came to us while we were preparing to leave our house, and asked if the boys wanted candy as her dad fell asleep and she was turning out the lights & not handing out anymore. Never thought we'd get candy coming to us!!

It's pathetic... Halloween is NOT what it used to be! People have no fun anymore and are perhaps lazy! They can't blame it on money... it costs nothing to get a small bag of lolly pops! I got 250 (good) lollypops at Walmart for under 6$. Even the dollar store has decent candy for a buck or two! My neighbors are no fun at all.


Sean, Mack & my mom.


Sean at first didn't even want to go trick or treating. But by the end of it - they were fighting over who got to ring the bell! We had to take turns, and boy were they keeping track.


Quentin had the best night out of all of us - being wheeled around. My mom carried his bucket for most of the time we were out - until the end when Sean wanted to help out with Quentin's bucket. Quentin, doesn't eat chocolates or candy yet... but he was collecting for his brothers! (And some for mommy & daddy of course!) He was a real trooper!


The boys did well with their loot! They had fun tonight sorting through it, and making piles of what they wanted to keep and what they wanted to trade. They're too funny.


And poor Mr. Quentin who cannot eat this junk yet.... was memorized by the loot! Next year he'll be able to have some too.

We had fun this Halloween. Did your kids do well too? Did they have fun? I hope so!

Stay tuned later this week for a dress-up surprise!


kristo said...

That's too bad that your neighbourhood wasn't really participating in Halloween.... our new neighbourhood was CRAZY! We had nearly 200 kids come to our door and the street was packed with kids in costumes. (Luckily for us, our neighbour warned us to get extra candy or we would've run out within minutes)

Sandra said...

we had about 50-60 kids. We tend to go all out with the decorating, so that always brings a bunch of kids in, and we give out good handfuls of chocolate - the smaller the kid, and better the costume - the more the get! Plus, we give out toys (I;m in the toys business after all!) - my company gave us GOGO's Crazy Bones to give out as well! We were a popular house...

sapphireblue said...

We didn't have a lot of kids at our house either. The weather was so nice too. I wonder if people do so many of the public events, like the mall, that they don't do the traditional trick-or-treating. I'm old fashioned and love handing out candy.

Girl Knits said...

What adorable trick-or-treaters you have!

What a good loot! The look on Quentin's face is priceless!

Bea said...

I gave out nearly 200 small bags of pretzels, at one bag per kid. Halloween is explosive down here. Had to turn out my light before it was over cause I ran out. 250 next year? unless I've moved by then.

Caroline said...

Aww, I'm sorry your neighborhood wasn't fun. On my street, many neighbourd spend the evening on their porches giving out candies and talking to each other (and there maybe was some wine drinking too). It was a lot of fun. We had maybe 50 kids? Maybe more. Julien was dressed up as a shark but we didn't go trick or treating. He's still too young.

Dawn said...

Wow, that's a lot of loot! Must have been nice not to freeze for one!