Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Quentin’s 1st Birthday


Quentin is one today.
He was born a year ago, at 10:27 am.
Boy, does time fly. I feel like just yesterday he was born.

Quentin's had a fab day. Morning music class, visiting a friend with a new baby, lunch with his 2 best buddies, and an afternoon nap. Not sure what this evening holds, but it'll be a quiet dinner with just us.


Over the weekend we had a party for him with all of his friends. We had a lot of fun.

I can't believe my baby is one. My last baby. It's so upsetting, really, while it's amazing to watch him grow at the same time. No more first birthdays in our house. While I am glad that the whole party planning is over for now (besides Sean's small birthday party next month with a few of his friends), it's just all bittersweet.

HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY QUENTIN! We love you!! xoxo


Vivian said...

Happy birthday to your little one. They sure grow fast.

Maureen said...

My head is still spinning that he could be one year old already. Crazy! :)

Sounds like it was a lovely fun birthday and while it's the final "first" birthday, I find that it stays plenty fun to do birthdays as the years go on! (I have no illusions that I will still be saying that in the teen years though, that's something else!)

g-girl said...

he looks so cute in his argyle vest!

Dawn said...

Time sure flies...hope he had a great Birthday!

1st birthday photo invitations said...

He's so adorable.

Nadine said...

Happy birthday, Quentin! I can't believe it's been a year already! HE's getting so big! :)

Tara said...

OMG, I remember you texting me his picture from the hospital after you gave birth, and now he's ONE. Where does the time go??? Happy Birthday, little man.

Girl Knits said...

Happy 1st birthday little man! I cant believe he's 1 already! I remember when you announced on your blog that you were pregnant with him!