Friday, March 23, 2012

Little Tiny Knits


I finished up this adorable little knit. It really was a quick knit. I used Woodchick’s modifications for newborn size. I just love the way it came out. I blocked it and it's ready to be wrapped up to be given to it's recipient.


It used 42g of Cascade Yarns 220 Quatro in purple (not sure if that's the official colorway name or not) on US 7 (4.5mm) needles. I did use a larger needle to bind off (US 9).


I loved making this so much, I've already cast on another one. I don't think it'll be my last either. They're so much fun to make. The nice thing about this garment, is for a newborn, if it's a winter baby, you can throw a long sleeved onesie under it, and it's perfect for winter as well.



sapphireblue said...

Awww! That turned out so cute!

hakucho said...

Super adorable :)

g-girl said...

it's too cute for words. now it just needs the baby. ;)

Dawn said...

So cute! What's better than a purple hand knit baby t-shirt?!

Girl Knits said...

Lovely project. I hope the recepient liked it!