Monday, March 19, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love :: Easter Edition

- Love this cute little knitted Easter Bunny (free pattern).
- Tiny little cute knitted bunnies! (Free pattern).
- Love this Easter egg garland.
- These little knitted chicks are adorable!
- Easy Easter crafts, turning cups into animals.
- I know I've shown these before, but they're so perfect for Easter! Carrot Goldfish bags.
- Everybody needs a pair of chick slippers.
- Love this little knitted egg ornament.
- Cute Easter card idea.
- Love these Easter photography prop ideas.
- These S'Mores are fun and colourful. Make them using your leftover Peeps from easter.
- These are cute Easter cupcakes with vanilla candy egg.
- Love these cute cupcakes too!
- Love these little bird nests.
- One great way to say happy Easter is with paper-envelope rabbits -- bearing treats, of course.
- What a fun Easter tradition! Egged!
- Egg dye using fruits and vegetables- neat!
- I love these button covered eggs!
- Bunny mask template - DIY - so cute!
- Too bad this is too girly for my boys, but this crochet easter basket is cute.
- A cute way to countdown to Easter!
- Love this little basket made out of twine.
- What an adorable baby in the adorable bunny hat.
- Love this Easter Egg cake tutorial.
- Lastly, I leave you with 101 Handmade Easter craft ideas.


Maureen said...

Have you made the bunny-from-a-square before? I love those for Easter.

And I love that big bunny at the top of the list - he'd make an awesome door stop, no?

g-girl said...

that bunny is adorable! oh my gosh. the tiny baby bunnies are so cute!! i love the egg garland. so cool!! the crochet chicks are adorable. i love their skinny legs! the animal cups are cute. i love the sheep card! what a great idea for leftover peeps. the envelope bunnies are so cute! that is a sweet Easter tradition to start up. :) cute animal masks. what a yummy way to countdown to easter. i love that Easter basket made from twine. it is amazing! cute photo prop! whoa, that list is HUGE!