Friday, March 16, 2012

Tiny Knits


I started a 3rd Girl’s cap sleeve spring shirt, back in 2010. I had made 2 larger ones before this one (one for the gift pile, and one for a friend’s daughter’s 1st birthday that we attended in 2010). Originally, I wanted to make this for the daughter we were told we were having, but since 3 days after casting on, I found out we were actually having a boy, the yarn, left wound, with a few rows done, got put into hibernation. Now, I have a slew of friends pregnant, and I am very excited to finish up this project.


I will pull out a newborn onesie from the boys memory box, one of the 3 boys should have one in their box, and I will bind off when I get to the end of the newborn onesie, just before the “decreased” material section where you snap it up. I think that will be a good length for a newborn girl cap sleeve spring shirt. The pattern is not actually written up in newborn size, the smallest size in the pattern is a 3-5T, so I am using Woodchick’s modifications for newborn size. The yarn, for those who are wondering, is Cascade 220 Quattro in a really nice purple. Luckily, the recipient is knowledgeable in 100% wool and proper washing care. I can so see myself making a handful more of these. It’s just so cute so far.


hakucho said...

Super cute!

g-girl said...

i remember when you started working on this one. i'm glad you're going to be able to finish it for someone. :)

sapphireblue said...

I love that color!