Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Progress with Broken Needles


I thought I'd show you the progress of my Hitchhiker. I love love love the way it's turning out. Great pattern, that was well written. I don't tend to knit a pattern twice, but I can see myself knitting this one up again.


I'm about 50% done. I say this, because I'm not sure if I will knit this until the 2nd ball of yarn is done, or if I will get to the end of the pattern before running out of yarn. I guess we shall see.


I did have to transfer over to my zephyr tips 4.5mm needles since one of my harmony 4.5 needles broke. I have glued it (even though knitpicks has a great replacement policy), I figured I'd try gluing first, and it that doesn't work out, I'll call knitpicks for a replacement. This needle should be good to go tomorrow. 24 hours is a fair dry time, I think.

What are you currently knitting or crocheting? Do you love the project? Do leave a comment & share.


hakucho said...

I feel your pain....a broken needle in the middle of a projects is a pain. I used gorilla glue when it happened to me and that did the trick...I'm still using the needle. It was only a cheap bamboo circular (no name)from Joann's with no guarantees ;)

Sandra said...

I can see knitting another Hitchiker myself - it's a great pattern. I'm actually wearing mine today!

sapphireblue said...

Bummer! Hopefully the repair will hold up. I hate to get interrupted when I'm on a role.

wickedstitches said...

Knitpicks does have great customer service, I agree. They have replaced a couple of my broken needle tips. The Hitchhiker looks terrific!

Girl Knits said...

Knitting with broken needles does suck. However, luckily you were able to fix them. Otherwise you are right, KP has a fantastic replacement program, I've been impressed with their service before too.

g-girl said...

ack! a broken needle? I haven't had that happen before. I am currently working on the chosen path shawl. I want to be done with it already so I can cast on for something new.

Dawn said...

Nothing like a broken needle to throw a wrench in your progress! It's looking fabulous! I'm working on Bellevue with Wollmeise in magnolie.