Monday, March 05, 2012

Monday Afternoon Link Love

- Love this image!
- Love this cup organizer.
- Snowman ice cream cones!
- I love this little old man's vest for a little man.
- This cartoon made me laugh!
- Love this Lorax activity book (Free PDF!)
- This is a hysterical ad for a yoga mat for sale.
- Is it summer yet? I'd like some frozen fruit pops!
- Forget diaper bag, I want this as a purse!
- 12 surprising uses for Vicks Vaporub!
- I would LOVE a pair of Tom's (like these)!
- Love this DIY busy board!
- Love this Cat in the Hat snack!
- Must make some Peanut butter Banana Sushi for the boys.
- I totally want to make some jewelry for my garden this summer!
- What an awesome birthday cake!
- Love this wine cork cork board!
- I want to try this Tomato Zucchini Pasta salad. (With whole wheat pasta of course!)
- Debating whether or not to plant peppers again this summer.
- Love these staircase drawers!
- Love this crochet bracelet!
- Love this DIY fringe scarf!
- I absolutely am terrified of balloons, but if there are no kids around, I'd be willing to blow some up (with money in it to send to someone for their birthday - maybe my nephew? This would be fun!)
- Love this grandparents poem gift idea.
- Love these gold nails!
- Love these crochet necklaces!
- Love this yarn chandelier. Too bad it involves balloons!
- Love that I'm an up & coming knitting blog! (#105!)
- I adore this zipper bracelet tutorial! Enjoy!


Girl Knits said...

Thanks again for the wonderful links. I look forward to them weekly. Love the grandparents poem especially!

g-girl said...

cool shot! cute ice cream cone! ooh, i like that lorax activity book! ooh the frozen fruit pops look delish! that diaper bag is cute! wow, who knew vicks could do all that other stuff too! that busy board is such a great idea! i love the pb banana sushi idea! i'm going to have to try that when i buy more bananas. :) that rubik's cube cake is awesome. the cork boards are cool. wow. the staircase drawers idea is genius! that bracelet is cool. interesting fringe scarf. oh wow i like that birthday balloon idea! whoa, those are some gold nails!! huh. congrats on making it into the top 250 up and coming knitting blogs. :) the zipper bracelet looks easy enough!