Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love :: Tuesday Edition

- Love this knitted clock!
- Free bottle cap jewelry tutorial with printables!
- Love these DIY zipper pull earrings.
- This video made me laugh so hard.... das skein!
- Thinking about picking up some Try-it-On Tubing - has anyone tried them? Any good? Genius idea if so!
- Love these handmade toddler ideas.
- Have the best apps delivered to your email with Appsmitten. I just signed up!
- I can't stop watching this live penguin cam. I heart penguins!!!!! I love the ones that slide on their bellies!
- The no bread cucumber sandwiches look yummy. I couldn't find the exact recipe, though they shouldn't be hard to come up with something similar.
- These watches are awesome. I'd love this one.
- The Defibrillator Toaster. Wouldn't it be funny to run into the kitchen screaming: “WE’RE LOSING THEM!!! BEEP BEEP BEEPBEEPBEEP!”
- This is a pretty cool chair! So is this one!
- The babes are so cute.
- Some St. Patty's day fruit kabobs!
- I need to stop looking at chocolate mint patties if I want to lose the last of the baby weight. No harm in looking right?
- What a great idea for crayon storage. No more cheap flimsy boxes falling apart in my diaper bag. I am sure I have an extra wipe case lying around.
- This is a genius idea for tiny toy pieces.
- Love these paper flower paintings.
- I totally want a dock for my home office.
- This is totally a neat idea for those summer BBQs:: Condiment storage!
- I totally love this print.
- Baby quilt tutorial.
- I totally love this car carryall pattern!
- Love this idea for spelling.
- Love this DIY draped skirt.
- No Child Without - waiting to get Sean's pin so that I can register him for a medical alert bracelet, through his school. Check to see if your child's school is doing this program, it's fantastic! (Thank you to my blog reader Lindsay for the link - I don't have your email address to thank you! Not sure who you are, your profile isn't linked to your comments)
- This crochet hat is so cute. Anyone know of a pattern for it?
- Love these crochet flower rings.
- Need to learn the Granny Spike Stitch!
- Love this crochet receiving blanket tutorial.


Becca said...

Thank you for linking to me. :)

g-girl said...

cool knitted clock. neat bottle cap necklaces. the zipper earrings are adorable! hmm, try it on tubing sounds interesting. i love the super hero capes and the masks! too cute. :) that penguin cam is cool! couldn't see the chairs. the babies are adorable. ooh, cucumber sandwiches! the chocolate mint sandwiches look amazing! wow, another use for a baby wipe container! love the lay n' go-that is absolutely genius! the mother's day gift is so pretty! i love that the poppies are on a canvas. i just did an activity with clothespins too! the cowl cracks me up! the flower rings are very nice!