Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Morning Link Love

- I had no idea that Crayola came out with Dry Erase crayons? How neat!
- I love owls. Here's a free crochet pattern.
- I think it's no fair that cats can sleep wherever they want.
- These images are funny. But cruel at the same time?
- Funny pictures of musicians playing sports!
- Think I might have to make some Sesame Street Cupcakes for Quentin's 2nd birthday!
- Also, some Angry Bird birthday party ideas, maybe for one of my older boys. Speaking of Angry Birds, isn't this cake awesome?
- This is a crazy lego cake. Ok, now I want to eat cake! (And I'm doing sooooo well losing weight right now... maybe I should stop looking at cake images!) And these easy lego cookies, I might have to try those too.
- I totally think I have to try this for my iphone contacts!
- I totally need to make a book storage for the boys for the back row of the car.
- Cucumber noodles? Hmmmm?!
- I think Sean would totally love these Phineas & Ferb Sandwiches!
- In the rare free time I do get - I'm totally HOOKED on Draw Something!
- Some great discovery activities for one year olds!
- What a great storage idea for the craft room!
- Ok, I really must stop looking at cakes online. This board game one is just beyond awesome!
- I have been listening to this song by Gotye over and over again. Love this cover version as well!
- Another little knitted bunny pattern - just before Easter creeps up this weekend.
- Love the idea to make meatloaf in a muffin pan- it cooks in 15 minutes! Must try!
- What about a dino party?! Looks like fun! (In party planning mode, Mack's turning 4 soon!)
- Looking to make a quick baby shower gift? Why not try this easy blanket tutorial.
- Pool noodle under fitted sheet: solution to keep a toddler in the toddler bed! ~ So clever!
- I totally love this subtraction poem!
- Love these fabulous nails!
- Awwww, how cute!
- Love this fire pit!
- LOVE this cleaning trick! I wonder if the Kirkland brand dryer sheet would work just the same, that's what we use instead of Bounce.
- Love this tv turned dog bed.
- Love this DIY wasp trap.
- Very cool superhero costume!
- Love these cute nails - just in time for spring!
- Love this car emergency box tutorial.
- I'm totally loving this lampshade.
- This is one wicked Wine Decanter.
- I think ALL my boys would love these reeses krispies.
- This origami bouquet is stunning!
- Just loving these!
- Loving this owl costume.
- Cute map totes! Get your own town!
- I totally love this squirrel nutcracker!
- Loving these numbered mugs.


Sandra said...

I'm so lucky my son has hit the teen years, and parties are so much easier - just drop a bunch of them at the theatre with movie tickets, pick them up after the movie, and buy the pizza. Done. I did so many theme parties when he was younger!

g-girl said...

wow. interesting. dry erase crayons?? that crochet owl is too frickin' cute! and did you see the shower scrubbies?? it's true. they sleep everywhere. :P did you see the st patrick's day photo??? weird!! the sesame street cupcakes look amazingly flawless! the lego cake is awesome. cucumber noodles! what will they think of next? oh wow-the phineas and ferb sandwiches look exactly like them! hilarious! oh i like that gotye song too! cute rabbits. huh. maybe i could make a blanket..very cool nails. cute pic of the baby dolphin. i'll have to try that dryer sheet trick too though i don't have bounce dryer sheets either. wow, that wipes box looks so cool! wow, i love that table lamp too! very cool wine decanter indeed. reeses krispies??? oh. my. word. the origami flower bouquet is beautiful! the map totes are adorable! cute squirrel nutcracker. i like those numbered mugs too!