Sunday, March 18, 2012



A few days ago was the last swim lesson of this current session. We do start another swim session this upcoming week, for another 13 sessions. Swimming lessons is very important to me, since my parents have an in ground pool in their backyard. The pool is fenced in the yard, but the pool itself is not fenced in. I've had each of the kids in swimming lessons since around 3-3.5 months old, depending on when the class actually started from their actual birth. Sean was born in December, so he started the spring 2007 session (March), Mack was born in June and started in the fall session (September 2008) and Quentin born in November, started the spring 2010 session after the pool was re-opened after renovations. He was closer to the 4 month mark I believe when he actually started, if I recall. None of my boys fear the water. I have to still go into the pool with Quentin - until age 3, but Mackenzie and Sean have been on their own in the pool with their teachers for a while now. They're both doing really well. Sean just started the level he's in, and Mack's got 2 things to work on to pass his level, and Quentin's level is by age, so at 2, he'll advance to the next level. Friday I got to watch Sean & Mack's lessons, as Quentin had fallen asleep 20 minutes before we had to leave, not wanting to nap and throwing a fit in his crib. I secured my mother to babysit him while he naps, and took the older boys. I am luckily to be able to have had all 3 boys at the same time for lessons, so it's only 1 trip to the local indoor pool facilities. I also luckily secured the same time slot again for all 3 for the new session starting. Once one of the advances to the next level, I might not have the option to put all 3 at the same time for lessons and it might start making things a tad bit harder. I guess I'll face that obstacle when it actually happens. For now, I'm quite content with the convenience of all 3 boys during the same time slot!


We will continue swimming lessons through the summer as well, I like to keep that going all year round. This summer once hockey ends, Sean has requested to play baseball and Mack would like to try out soccer. Should make for a busy summer season! Cheers to sports!


Sandra said...

we always had the boy in swim lessons - because of the cottage, it was as much for safety as it was for learning to swim. He's about to start the Bronze Medallion and Star series, working his way to lifeguard and instructor status. He has decided it would be a good part time job eventually.

kristo said...

Your boys looks so happy in the pool!

Gabriela said...

I keep my younger son in swimming lessons year round. For us it's about him doing an activity regularly. He's not really into team sports so swimming works well for him. His lessons are skill based so he just needs to improve in two areas to move to the next level. Your boys look really happy in the water.

g-girl said...

how fun! baseball and soccer for the summer? ;)

Tara said...

Busy summer indeed! I need to sign up the kids for swim lessons as well. Plus soccer, plus horseback riding, plus... *sigh* Mommy needs a vacation!