Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Askew in Progress


I started knitting a shawl as we embarked on our family vacation (Saturday, July 30, 2011). I picked out yarn, wound it into a cake (see above) and packed my knit picks interchangeable needle set.


I cast on, and since Jamie drove both ways (yes, that's right, he drove most of the time in Toronto too - he either enjoys being behind the wheel or hates my driving).


I knit all week long, in evenings, during the day too when I had the chance, as well when I went out with the Mississauga knitting group that I joined one evening while there (blogged about that yesterday).


I even knit on the beach (Sandbanks Provincial Park - more about that in another post).


And this is where I am today. At 203 stitches of the 227 that is required in the pattern before you do the garter stitch border. I probably should have gone up a needle size or two. I’m hoping it’ll block larger than it is knitting up. I might have to add stitches to this shawl than what the pattern requires to make it the width/height I want it to be in the end. Sigh. Great pattern though, and a mindless great knit. I've memorized the pattern, it's so easy.


I even love my yarn choice. (Dream in Color Smooshy in Cocoa Kiss). I'm just praying the rest works itself out. I am thinking though, that I will definitely need to add more increases to make the shawl larger. It’s about the size of a bandanna now. Not what I was hoping for. Definitely would like it a lot larger.


sapphireblue said...

Very cute!

Kimber said...

Oh I like that - I can't wait to see it blocked out!

Girl Knits said...

Lovin' your Askew! Can't wait to see how it blocks out as well.

g-girl said...

great color. hope that it does grow because it does look teeny. :P

Dawn said...

That shawl is going to be so soft and smooshy (ha ha)! I'm sure it will block out great, because smooshy always grows when blocking! Ask me how I know...stupid too large saggy socks!

Tara said...

Ooh, love the colour choice of your Askew. So sophisticated! Too bad about the siez though, did you check Ravelry to see if aynone else had similar issues?