Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Cotton Cupcake Shoppe


A long time ago, before Quentin was born, I ordered some hats for him with his name on it.


They come from the Cotton Cupcake Shoppe which is an Etsy shop based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The quality is excellent, the price is very reasonable and the service is impeccable. I ordered them with enough time to have them in the hospital to bring Quentin home wearing one, but little did I know that even though I still received them before he was born, that he’d be born a month early and very tiny. Needles to say, he’s just fitting into the hats now – and it’s the last day of August today and he’s been wearing them for about a week or so. I could have tried it on him earlier, I’m sure he would have been able to wear it for a bit now, but it’s been hot this summer – so no reason to wear a hat.


I love this hat! We have a similar one in chocolate brown too (with green writing).

Qhappyoutside happq qnewhatoutside

Quentin loves his hats too. Now that it’s starting to become very chilly – he’ll be getting a lot of use out of these hats. I wonder if he still fits into the other name hat I got him – he wore that for months, starting back in February 2011 until it got too warm to wear. That one was from Maddie’s Bugs.


Girl Knits said...

What a great hat! Thanks for the link to the 'shoppe'. Quentin totally rocks that hat.

Dawn said...

Awesome hats! I'm sure they are super soft and comfy!

g-girl said...

love it! great color too. :)