Monday, August 29, 2011

Monday Morning Link Love

- If only I had the space in my closet.
- Love these lego men chocolates. Need to find a lego men mold.
- Make today ridiculously amazing.
- What a fun way to do your nails.
- License plate fun!
- Love these simple bracelets.
- Can you believe this is an actual coffin? (By Paa Joe). That's what I want to be buried in one day.
- I love this quick frame makeover tutorial.
- Tonight will be that time of the day!
- I love this old dresser painted with no drawer fronts and the use of basket. So clean!
- I need to make some of these for the baby's room, his clothes are out of control in his closet.
- This bookcase/table is something I'd love to have.
- Been thinking about giving the nursery a makeover - loving this look.
- Love this for the home.
- LOVE this bowl. Want one. Or two.
- For things like this, I wish I had a daughter.
- Fruit pizza!
- Squishy playdoh recipe. Definitely have to try to make some.
- When I was a little girl, I always wanted bunkbed. Eventually we'll get the older 2 boys either bunkbeds, or raised bed and put desks under the raised bed - because honestly, I don't want fighting over them both wanting the top bunk!
- Great for hiding things under!
- I love this shower curtain. But don't love the price.
- Love this toy organizer!
- Love this granny ripple!
- Drooling over these shoes.
- Love love love love love love love this dress. And I think it would look gorgeous on my body shape too. Too bad it sold.
- Love this headband.
- I love this spice rack and how it was re-purposed.
- So true.
- Lovely table arrangement. (Sad I'm thinking about Xmas in August?)
- Not sure who Taylor Swift is, but love this image/quote.
- I'm not sure if I posted this already, but I just love this knitted hat.


Ammerins said...

Hi Robyn,
Try and purchase the moulds directly via Lego, way cheaper than Amazon! Especially when you're ordering more items, as the shipping rates are a bit higher.
Guess what kind of cakes/chocolates/jellies my little Lego Jedi will be getting for his 5th birthday :)


jacquelyn said...

Where did you find those shoes?? Love them!!

Girl Knits said...

Great links girl! Thank you for distracting me from my usual morning routine with these great links.

g-girl said...

wow. what an amazing closet. i like those bracelets too. :) seriously?? a nikon coffin??? ooh, love that old dresser with the baskets too! love the dark walls of that nursery! very nice bowl. love the bunkbeds with the stairs. i've seen the raised bed version too. oh my gosh that shower curtain is darling! maybe you could make one? very cool toy organizer. and that granny ripple is the reason i need to learn how to crochet!! what an awful thought (the one about the gossiping!!). it's making me think twice about a few of my coworkers now! you don't know taylor swift?