Thursday, August 11, 2011

Baby Shell


Remember the Baby Shell I knit back in September 2010? (Ravelry link). It's finally made it's appearance out of Quentin's closet and onto Quentin! And today was finally cool enough for him to wear it. This morning I took him to the CLSC to get weighed, and he's 17 lbs 14.4 ounces (That's 8.12 kg) - my growing boy. I have no idea what happened to the tiny little preemie that I delivered. Almost 18 lbs and loves to eat! He's 8 and a half months old now, so we have his 9 month check up at the pediatrician in September.



He looks adorable in this sweater. I totally want to knit another size for fall/winter.


sapphireblue said...

It looks great on him!

Shelley L. Snyder said...

It does look great on him! I think you should make another one for the fall.

Maureen said...

So adorable!! Can't believe how big he is now, whoa! :)

Tracy said...

So cute! And don't you just love that it was sweater weather so he could wear it?


g-girl said...

teehee. the shell and quentin are tres cute. :)

Dawn said...

Quentin looks quite handsome in his shell! Gotta love when they wear the stuff you make! At least when they're little enough not to have a choice ;)