Monday, August 08, 2011

Monday Morning Link Love

- Thank you Nadine for sharing this link with me for a funky bracelet.
- I love sharpies.
- 100+ Ways to creatively reuse magazines.
- Owl sandwich!
- Great party favor idea.
- I totally have to make some scrabble tile magnets.
- How fun would it be to receive this card?
- Why didn't I think of making cupcakes like this before?
- Love this dragon tail tutorial.
- Magnetic scrabble game means your game just keeps going on and on and on... awesome!
- Cute and easy valentines.
- Cute superhero baby costume.
- Colorful fruit wreath.
- Too bad Quentin won't take a pacifier, this is too funny. And this one is just great.
- I totally need a faucet extender.
- What a neat way to help put on a bracelet.
- What a fantastic quilt!
- PVC house for kids - just add sheets! I'm sure my boys will love this!
- I love this tutorial for homemade finger paints.
- Funny!
- Want Addi's new crochet hooks! Wow!
- Love this image!
- And this image too!
- In the heat, I'm longing for my favorite season, fall.
- What a fun way to prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner.
- What a fun art idea, Coins on wooden letter! (Source here).
- Love this hair braid.
- I need to knit me up some knitted bracelets.
- What a great idea to store kids craft items!
- What a fun (and cute) baby shower gift. Must try it sometime.
- Gorgeous dress!
- Skateboard swings look like fun!
- This video was shot at my fave local burger joint - how fun!
- What are you looking at?
- Love this image!
- This is highly amusing.
- Who needs a horse or pony when you're this tiny?


Girl Knits said...

Those addi hooks look aweosme.

kendylsPlace said...

So cool! Love the little girl on the 'pony'! I love your link love Monday!

corazenia said...

You're most welcome! Now I've got some links to click! So thank YOU! :)

g-girl said...

cute party favors. love the i love you this much card! LOVE the valentine cards! the faucet extender is genius. i had a playhouse like that-didn't ever think that it could be a DIY project! hmm, i'll have to try out that finger paint idea! that dress is stunning. what a cool idea-a skateboard swing! haha. hilarious shot of the lil girl riding the pug!!