Tuesday, August 02, 2011

A Garden Update


I've been meaning to show you what's been going on in our garden lately, but time just keeps running away from me. So, here you have it. We turned this (above) into this (below):



We used Romaine lettuce & cherry tomatoes from the garden to make falafel (in a pita).


Shockingly, both boys gobbled it up.


There's been some more red.


And lots of green. From our zucchini loot we made:


Grilled Zucchini on the BBQ for dinner.


Two zucchini breads (one with chocolate chips & one without).


Some purée for Quentin.


And even more to freeze.


Zucchini purée after frozen.


Quentin was eager to try the zucchini!




Sean's been a huge helper in the garden this summer.
It's so nice to share it with him.
How's your garden growing?


kristo said...

Your garden is always so inspiring. So much so that I attempted my first vegetable garden this year and was so excited to actually see things growing. Our new puppy squeezed his way under the little fence that surrounds it and completely destroyed everything! I was so upset. He tore everything up by the roots and chewed it into oblivion. Next year I'm starting the plants indoors (like you did before they were tossed out, gasp!) and putting up chicken wire under the fence.

Dawn said...

Yum yum your garden loot looks super tasty! I'm sure Sean has been a great help...I know my boys sure love to help in the garden.

g-girl said...

wow, zucchini puree and he loved it. awesome. :)

Zonda said...

Great bounty from the garden. Glad Quentin likes the zucchini. We've just started using it more for stir fries or roasting. Good to have a helper too I bet :)

Girl Knits said...

Lots of yummies from your garden, look at that.

corazenia said...

Mmmm . . . zucchini!! I have had some success with basil, tomatoes, green peppers, and oregano. Better than last year I guess! :)

Tara said...

I think I planted my zucchini too late this year, I haven't even gotten ONE! But my tomatoes, cukes, beans and pumpkins are doing great.