Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Souvenir Yarn


While in Toronto, I got to make a quick stop at the Purple Purl (Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011 while we were downtown we had some time). I wanted to go to at least one yarn shop while we were out of town, and my hubby wanted to check out 401 games. I've bought from Purple Purl before, but at Frolic in 2009. I've wanted to check out their shop though. I also wanted to check out Lettuce Knits and maybe a yarn shop in Mississauga (I found 3 online) but we ran out of time. (I've been to Lettuce Knits once before, for the TTC Knit-a-long in 2007) but that was at their old location, now they're in a much larger shop up the street). Another time, then.


It's quite nice in there. Such lovely yarns for sale. I wish I could have bought a few of everything!


I did however, pick up some Waterloo Wools Niagara in Garnet, and some Dye-Version BFL Sock in Viridian Sea, Neptune, Rosebud, and Prussian Princess. I wanted to buy local stuff, and that's just what I did. I had also asked her to show me what else she had Canadian, and of course she had a huge selection of Tanis. Though, I wouldn't go all the way to Toronto to buy Tanis, when Tanis lives 10 minutes from my house. I'd prefer to buy it straight from her! Plus, I was looking for stuff not local to me. Both Waterloo Wools and Dye-Version are both new to me yarns.


Then on the Thursday night, August 4th, I went to a Mississauga Knit group's knit night. They usually meet up on Monday nights but Monday was a holiday in Ontario (and the group organizer's birthday) so they agreed to meet on Thursday night, so that I could go out with them, while in town. It turns out, that Cindy, the organizer, dyed one of the sock club kit yarns for my (dormant) shop last year when she was first starting out! What a small world. It was so nice to meet her & everyone else who came out to the knit night (and I finally got to experience Panera Bread - after hearing so much about this awesome place - they have to come to Quebec one day... let's pray!) I worked on a new project, which I will talk about in my next blog post.


Of course, Cindy brought some yarn from her shop for show & tell (ok, I emailed her beforehand to bring - I wanted to play with it!) and ended up taking these 4 lovelies home. I picked up 2 skeins of Bootsie in Return to Lagoon and in Candied Grapes and 2 skeins of Dollfeet in Eggplants and Bermuda.

I had a great yarn experience while in Ontario. Hopefully next time I'll get to check out some other shops that are new to me. That would be great. I'd also love to go back to a Mississauga knit night - I had a great time with the group.


Girl Knits said...

What a great stash enhancement you've got there! Such gorgeous yarns.

g-girl said...

well it looked just lovely in the purple purl. i love the sign outside! i love panera! wish we had one here too. the closest is about 20-30 min away. :(

Dawn said...

I love vacation yarn! That's awesome that it worked out so you go to knit night!

Tara said...

Yup, souvenir yarn is great, especially when it's local stuff you can't usually buy around Montreal :)

Anonymous said...

I've never been to the Purple Purl, but it's on my list of places to go the next time I'm in Toronto. I also just bought some dye-versions milk cotton, and it was wonderful to knit with. The lady who owns Waterloo Wool used to be in our monthly knit group before she moved to Waterloo. It's good to see that she is doing well be getting her wool in stores. :) Next time you're in the area, we'll have to connect. We keep missing each other. :(