Saturday, April 25, 2009

april twenty-five :: frolic

This morning we got up bright & early and headed out the door to the Knitter's Frolic in mid-town Toronto. Mack actually woke up like clockwork 5 minutes before our alarm was set - which was for 7 am. Though, setting an alarm is useless when sleeping in the same room (or house) as a child who gets up at (around) the same time every day.

Mack was in a super good mood and all smiles.

We finally got to Frolic, and the main parking lot was full. This was not even 30 minutes after the event started. We had to park in "over flow" parking. I couldn't believe how many people (and cars!) there were. And no, we didn't plan to wear similar colored shirts today. It just happened.

The three of us today. Mack had a LOT to look at! He wanted to touch everything!

There was lots of things to look at! Lots of people to watch too. (I've always been a huge people watcher). What can I say, I love to look/admire other people.

Even caught a picture of the lovely Laura Chau, who was working at the Lettuce Knits booth. I saw her around at Rhinebeck, but never got the chance to introduce myself. I finally did introduce myself to her today. She's super sweet.

I also got to meet my swap pal Lillian. We were pals (I sent to her) in a swap last year, I believe it was the Falling For Ewe Swap and have kept in touch since. She's leaving to Shanghai (did I get that right Lillian?) for good soon, and I finally got the chance to meet her before she leaves Canada. It was awesome to get the opportunity to meet a swap pal in the flesh! It was great to meet you Lillian!

The fabulous Tanis ( of Tanis Fiber Arts) was in Toronto too with a booth and Frolic. She brought some new stuff, and indulged in her laceweights. (Pictures later on in this picture heavy post). Go on, go shop in her store. Tell her I sent you. You won't regret your purchase. I can vouch for that.

Tanis is super tiny and super cute. I am glad that I've gotten to work with her through my shop, and recommend her yarns 150%. Her stuff is just awesome. Really. I'd love to own every weight in every color. And then roll around in it.

I also got to meet knitter Leigh.

And got to see Michelle again! Who is looking great!

I got to see Glenna again, met her for the first time at Rhinebeck. It was nice to see her again.

She modeled her Oyster Bay in Tanis' yarn. It's really gorgeous!

Mack was in a good mood all day - which was fabulous. He's such a good baby.

Look at that smile!

I also got to see and speak to Amy Singer, Trish Moon, Lori Law, and a few knitty bloggers that I've met before. I even got to see Ginette, who is in the Montreal Knitting Guild. She was in Toronto with some friends, and it was funny running into her there! Apparently the Yarn Harlot was supposed to be there (according to Twitter - though I'm NOT on twitter - I'm not caving), but we didn't see her at all. (And the place wasn't that big).

After Frolic we decided to grab some lunch. We settled on Centerpoint mall (Steeles & Yonge) and decided to get some Subways. We got really bad customer service there. I really think that Amy & I just have bad luck with customer service in restaurants. That and people working in the service industry in Toronto are just rude! I asked for whole wheat bread, she gave me whole wheat with honey or something. Amy asked for whole wheat as well, and got the whole wheat. When I asked the chick for regular whole wheat, she gave me a dirty look, but did switch my bread. I asked TWICE for Swiss, she kept putting in regular cheese (not sure what it is, but it's the other cheese option they have at Subways). Then I asked for what I wanted on my sandwich and she tossed in a few of each. Nothing like at home. I asked for extras pickles, she put in 3. I asked for more pickles she put in 3 more slices of pickles. I told her no really, put on more. She gave me a dirty look. I also asked for the combo with soup, which in Quebec they have. (You can pay a few cents more and have a soup instead of chips). She looked at me like I was crazy and told me it doesn't exist. Okay, fine, whatever. I'll pay for each individually. I was so hungry I didn't care. Amy then got uttered at under the girls' breath, and when we both asked her to repeat what she said she bit her tongue and said "nothing, nevermind". She even asked Amy if she wanted to pay for the girl's sandwich who was standing behind us in line. Uhm, no thanks. We've never met her, why would we pay for her lunch. Weirdos. I do not recommend eating at the Subways at Centerpoint mall. Really rude employees.

Amy, Mack & I at Centerpoint. We decided to walk around a little bit to kill some time.

We then headed back to Miriam's house and as we got there she was leaving for a few hours. Amy & I organized our stuff while Mack made faces at us from the inside of his playpen. How funny is he!?? Got me to laugh so hard!

So my loot from today:

Gorgeous buttons for my future February Lady Sweater.

Two gorgeous hand sewn project bags. They have measuring tapes all over it!

I got a needle gauge that has US 00, US 000 and US 0000 on it, which I needed. I could have sworn I had one that has for those tiny sizes, but of course when I needed it, I couldn't find it. It's no where to be found, and I've ransaked my office looking for it. Oh well. Now that I have a new one, I bet you, my old one will show up, because I no longer need it!

I picked up some Shelridge Farms Soft Touch Ultra Handpaints in SU0903-W.

And some Shelridge Farms Soft Touch Ultra Handpaints in SU0903-C.

I had tried to find their booth at Rhinebeck this past fall and couldn't find them. It was too crazy busy there, and with both kids it was hard to do everything and see everything there. So I definitely did NOT want to miss their booth this time around!

My Tanis Fiber Arts Pink Label Laceweight in Plum.

And my Tanis Fiber Arts Pink Label Laceweight in Peacock.

Her laceweight has 1000 yards. How delicious!

The Purple Purl gave out pretty recyclable bags with purchase, which was awesome for the environment. I love reusable bags. I am glad that grocery stores are starting to charge to get plastic bags. Some in Montreal started charging as of Earth Day this past week. Great idea. It'll get people to stop using plastic bags.

At The Purple Purl I got some Misti Alpaca Sock Yarn in Venecia (#16).

Alpaca with a Twist - Fino - #9007 (875 yards of laceweight)

And some Malabrigo Sock Yarn in a colorway that I cannot get in my shop, and had to have - Violeta Africana. Come on - had to get a Purple colorway from the Purple Purl!

Her is my progress on my squares for the Log Cabin Blanket that I'm knitting with Amy & Jenn for our cousin Caryn. Her bridal shower is next Saturday. I've got 3 squares completely done of 6. The started square is number 4. I need to have them all done by Tuesday, to get to Jenn whom will be doing the seaming and a crochet border. (She's the crocheter in the family).

Around 5 pm a NASTY storm hit up our area. It was very windy, pouring rain, and we even lost power for a few minutes. It wasn't looking too good outside. I captured this from one of the bedrooms in Miriam's house.

And unfortunately, one of the houses on her street didn't make the storm.

I hope the people had no intentions of moving in soon! This is going to set them back a while!

Amy and decided to leave the house as we were starting to get hungry. I didn't want to start making food at Miriam's house, since she keeps a kosher home, and with my diet, it's kind of tricky to bring food into someone's home. In any case, we wanted to get out for a bit and go to Michaels in Miriam's area. I still had something on my to-get list, that I wanted to see if her Michaels had it.

So on our way to Michaels, we started looking out for a restaurant that both of us could eat at. Amy is lactose, fruitose and sorbitol intolerant, and only likes certain restaurants that can cater to what she can eat. We settled on Kelsey's, since we've both eaten at the one in Montreal before, and knew that we could each find something on the menu that we could eat. There was a bit of wait, as we$ were told it would be about 15 minutes for a table of 2. No problem, we said we would wait. Then, about 10 minutes later a couple walked in, said they were seated right away. Why?? We were next in line for a table for 2. WTF! So I asked Amy to go speak to the guy standing by the "hostess booth" and he said he honestly doesn't know who was next as he is not the hostess! Ha ha, last night the chick was "just the hostess".... Not too much after that, we finally we were seated, at a table that had been empty the entire time, and the hostess did not have an answer as to why they were seating before us. And the waiter was just not all there either. I ordered a starter salad, and it came with her meal. Starter salad. Meaning it's supposed to come before my meal. That's when I wanted it. Not with my meal. I also had to ask twice for guacamole, which was supposed to come with my meal. And we had to ask twice to get our bill, and then again for separate bills. Ugh. We just wanted a simple meal.

After dinner we hit up the local Michaels, and stocked up with some of our fave craft supplies. It was WAY past Mack's bedtime, but he was in good spirits.

Afterwards we went back to Miriam's house and watched a bit of TV with her and her husband, while knitting on the Log Cabin Blanket. I can now no longer keep my eyes open so I'll be going to bed. Sleeping next to my little cutie Mack who is sound asleep (snoring!) in his playpen!


Anonymous said...

Lovely Frolic pictures! I totally forgot my camera so it's nice to be reminded of all the busy-ness. It really is quite a crowd in a small space. I do love Tanis - that peacock shade is going to be next on my list when I lift my sock yarn diet ;)

Bea said...

Wow that is quite the day. The frolic looks like a ton of fun. I'm glad Mack was in a good mood for it. You also picked up some awesome loot.

Andrea said...

I'm glad you had a good time and that Mack was in good spirits. Also great stash enhancement!

Tara said...

Nice loot! My, you're really getting into laceweight, aren't you? Um... have you ever knit lace? lol

Oh, and that picture of Mack in the playpen is hysterical!

g-girl said...

i was going to ask if you and amy had planned on wearing similar shirts! ;) look @ all that purple yarn you've added to your stash after the frolic! love the buttons you picked up for your future feb. lady sweater. :) love the first pic of mack and the one where he's making a funny face!!

Amelah said...


Mackie was too good all day!

I think we are cursed though with bad customer service..I swear I don't know what it is!!

Wow that house was crazy!!! Can't believe the storm.

Nell said...

Cool buttons! Did they make it to your FLS?