Wednesday, April 15, 2009

april fifteen

I think there is a virus on my computer, Jamie said he'd take a look at it this evening when he gets home and fix the issues (if he can). There are pop up windwows everywhere and they're driving me mental.

I went to the nutritionist again this morning, (as well as quickly yesterday morning as they were closed Monday due to Easter weekend) and I'm officially down 24.2 lbs (yesterday I was down 23.8 lbs at weigh in). Only 10.8 more to go to reach my goal! I can smell the finish line. I can also smells foods I've been avoiding during the weight loss period!

Sean decided to tell me this morning on the way to daycare that he "no like school" and that he didn't want to go. Like he has a choice. Of course he loves school, but everything these days is "Sean no like.... this or Sean no like ... that!" Funny kid! He'll even tell you he "no likes haw-haws" (hotdogs - which are his FAVE!) Or that "Sean no like Caillou"... yeah right. He's obsessed with Caillou!

Today I met up with Jenn at Ariadne's for the mom & baby knit thing.

Jenn took silly pictures of me, pretending to have a DPN mustache. Oy, the silliness!

I also received a copy of Vogue Knitting that someone had left there. (Thank you ladies!)

And finally saw in my hands, for real, the blurb about me & my shop in there! How cool!

Mack was as cute as always, and had a good time as well while there. He actually gave me some time to knit! I won't complain!

I tried on their store model of the February Lady Sweater, which was knit up in Vermont Organic Fiber Company O-Wool Classic by Jo. I am dying to cast on for this sweater, but I wanted to make sure it fits. I totally thought it was a size M, but according to Ravelry Jo made the size S. I think I'll totally be okay with the size S, if I get the same gauge that Jo did for this one. I plan on using Dream in Color Classy in Happy Forest, which has been marinating in my stash for quite some time. Just need to find the time...!

I think the size S fits me very well!

I also bought some yarn while I was there, some Lorna's Laces Swirl DK in Charcoal to make the Jane Crossover Sweater. I wanted to use Mirasol Hacho, which Ravelry claims to be DK, but I couldn't get gauge with several sizes of needles. I have 8 skeins, 1200 yards, which should be enough for the M/L sweater. I hope I get gauge.

And I feel in love with this orange yarn, by Drops Fable in color 43.

I left Ariadne early to go drop Mack off at my parents house and then go to a spa near my place for a Spa Jet & Exfoliation that both Tara & Kate-the-Enabler got for me as a birthday gift/Mack's birth last year.

Now, after I get a manicure and pedicure that I have booked for the Friday of the weekend of my cousin's wedding in June, I won't ever be going back there. Very snobby and rude. I do not recommend going there. Maybe it was because I wasn't wearing Gucci clothing and Jimmy Choo shoes, but the staff weren't so nice. (The girl who did the exfoliation before the spa jet was really nice though).

First the girl who saw me at the receptionist told me that my gift certificate was not valid because it has a tear on it. I told her to look it up in her computer, it had never been used. She gave me a dirty look.

I was also told that it would all take an hour and a half. I was in and out of there in less than an hour. The spa jet was supposed to be 30 minutes, but was only 20. I think it took the girl longer to put the exfoliating cream on my body. (Which felt great like a massage though).

The Spa Jet was disappointing. Yes it was relaxing but when it starts up, even though it's set to a warm temperature, it started off by cold water, cuz that's what happens when you turn on a tap. Holy heck was it cold.

Then it wasn't hard at all, the water pressure. I thought it would be harder jets and it would feel more like a massage. I was relaxed, but maybe I had higher expectations of what was going to happen?

Then after it was done, I was told I owe 16$ and change. (This was after I tipped the massage girl who did the exfoliation). I was like "for what". They said for the Spa Jet & Exfoliation. I was like "I had a gift certificate". They were like "but the price has changed" and I was like "Read your policy, your price is guaranteed for 1 year from the date on the gift certificate". Bastards. I swear I'm never going back there. (I'm even debating not using the manicure gift certificate that I got from my Aunt for my birthday last year), I have that bad of a foul taste in my mouth from this spa.

Though, I thank Tara & Kate for their gift, and I really did relax and enjoyed myself regardless the snobiness of the place. I made the most out of it! (My back and shoulders do feel great right now!)

This evening I went out with the West Island knits. We started off at Second Cup but then ended up at Rockaberry's. Some of us got hungry and Second Cup is limited on what they have as far as food. I had a good time, and worked on the squares for the Log Cabin that I'm making as a gift.


Bea said...

Yay for weightloss. Yay for so close to your goal too!

Silly Sean. Cute Mack picture. Love that expression.

I think the small looks great. I think the green happy forest will be an awesome color on you! I've never heard of fabel before but its a gorgeous color.

Sorry for the bad experience. It sounds like somewhere else it probably could have been an awesome gift.

michelle w said...

Hey Robyn! I made socks with that Drops Fabel orange yarn... very tiggery! They were a gift for my sister and she loved them.

sandrajager said...

Sorry to hear of your bad spa experience. Don't they understand that in this economy they will only stay in business with excellent customer service? Geez.

I made my first pair of fingering weight socks with that yarn, but in red. Love them so much I picked up more in another colour. The patterning is wonderful - great for a basic sock.

Congrats on the weight loss!

Tara said...

Poop, I'm sorry the spa was a bust. But hey, it's the thought that counts, right? :)

g-girl said...

well that sucks about your spa experience. congrats on the continued weight loss. :)