Thursday, April 09, 2009

april nine

My cleaning lady comes Thursday mornings and my house now smells of clean. (Not for long though with 2 young kids!) So while she was here I did work in the house which took me all morning long and part of the afternoon. Mid-afternoon (3pm to be exact) I picked up my mom's 4x4 as we were borrowing it this evening and then headed to pick up Sean from daycare.

How sweet, he painted me an Easter Egg. Love it!
Too bad it didn't last too long. His mommy is a klutz.

Upon getting back from picking up Sean my in-laws were at my house, and Jamie showed up not too much long after that. We then packed up the kids and our stuff and headed the hour and a half (or so) trip to Ottawa, Ontario.

I finished working on my step-mother-in-law's Vest in the car. I used a pretty purple larger needle to cast-off. Her & I sat in the back of my mom's 4x4 and chatted the whole way there (and back too), it was nice. Too bad on the way home I couldn't knit - it was waaaay too dark, and if I had brought a little light, Jamie who was driving I'm sure would have told me to turn it off so he could drive.

Dinner was lovely, Sean was pretty good during the seder reading, though, he was the best a 2 year old could be in a situation like that. Next year at least he'll have Mackie & his cousin Hannah-Rose running around with him, but this year he was on his own.

Hannah-Rose played in her exercauser (Mack tried it out, but he told me it was too pink, lol). And Mackie had dinner with us (he had sweet potato) for dinner. He was very well behaved.

Hannah-Rose is 4 months old, 10 days away from being 5 months old, and is wearing clothing larger than what Mack wears. I couldn't believe it. Jamie's cousin didn't know her exact weight, but she feels (by lifting her up) heavier than almost 10 month old Mack! Wow!

Mack with smiles as always!

Sean decided he wanted Goldfish Matzah Ball Soup. We weren't arguing with him.

Sean being entertained by a balloon while the seder was going on.

After dinner my step-mother-in-law tried on the vest. The length is great. The front though, is a little tight (though the back is fine). So I'm goingto pick up stitches and extend the front pannels. She really has to pull it to get it to fit. She's holding it where the button would go. Though, she wouldn't let me measure her when I started this pattern, she looked at my pattern and said "this bust size please"... Ugh. NEVER AGAIN! If I knit something likethis again for someone, I'm freakin' measuring them. I probably should have gone up 1 size to knit for her, but I guess I learned my lesson here about measuring people....! If they say no measuring please, I'll tell them no knitted garment then! It's only fair!

Both boys passed out on the way home, which was super nice. After transferring the boys to bed, I brought my parents back their car and picked up mine. A great evening we had in Ottawa for Passover tonight. I wish we got to see Jamie's dad's side of the family more often.


Sarah B. said...

Other than being a bit small, the vest looks great! My guess is, she asked you for the size she wishes she was (or remembers having been)!

Bea said...

Fun! Love the egg that Sean made for you. I agree with Sarah B about the size of your MIL sweater.

Tara said...

Actually, Goldfish Matzah Ball soup sounds sort of yummy! lol

g-girl said...

you and i have already have this discussion regarding sizes people who want us to knit for them give us. lol. regardless, it looks great! :)