Tuesday, April 07, 2009

april seven :: 42 weeks old

This post seems to be all about Mackie! Well, he is 42 weeks old today. So here are some photos.

Me & my boys!

Mackie trying to climb up his crib.

Mackie's nap time. He loves his new dino that Jenn made for him as a Bris gift back when he was born. She had made an elephant for Sean when he was born and he sleeps with his too.

The 42 Week official shot (like I do every week!)

A fun 42 week shot!

Ohh! I picked up Mack's Studio shots today. How.freakin'.cute.?

The first shot, I took a full package with. Now I kind of wish I'd taken a full package with this one. (I was only able to choose 1). But I did get a few sheets of this one on the blue background. It's really hard to tell when it's super tiny on their screen and they give you like 5 seconds to decide.

I now want to take both boys to get their picture taken together, though, I have to wait until this promotion is over, and for the next one, which is in about 2 weeks or so. Though, I'm not sure how well Sean will sit during a studio session. I'm kind of afraid about that, actually. But, since there is no sitting fee at the studio, there's no harm in trying. I see how "well" he sits for me, when I want to take a picture. He's definitely going through the "no pictures please" phase.

This evening I sat on the couch with Jamie and we watched some TV. I worked on casting on the first square for the Log Cabin Afghan that I will be knitting along with my sister and Jennifer for our cousin's bridal shower on May 2nd, 2009. (Talk about waiting til last minute? Well we only got the invitation a day or so ago!)


Amelah said...

at least if u do a picture at a studio they are "trained" to deal with kids like Sean who don't want their picture taken!!! :) Good luck LOL

I definitely prefer the second picture to be honest, with the blue background, and not because it is blue. I just laugh the way he is leaning over and this huge smile on his face!!!

TROIS OISEAUX - Kimber said...

Great pictures!!! I know what you mean about the chosing process at wal-mart. I ended up getting pictures done and because it is so small and blurry you can't get an accurate read on the quality! Those are great shots though - ADORABLE.

Look at Mack stand!!! Adorable! Have you started planning for the first birthday party yet? I have and I cannot believe how fast the first year has gone!

Bea said...

Cute photos of Mack! I love the second studio one. So cute.

Tara said...

OK, those pictures might just make Mr Mack the Knife the CUTEST. BABY. EVER. Seriously!

g-girl said...

look @ that tongue in that first pic! too cute. :) I really like the second studio pic of mack. can't wait to see the pics you have done with both boys!