Sunday, April 26, 2009

april twenty-six :: 121 weeks old

We had brunch at Miriam's house before heading on the road back home. Her husband picked up bagels for us, and we sat around talking for a bit before heading out the door to pack up the car.

It was so nice to spend some time with Miriam, as it had been way too long. I invited them to come stay with us whenever they wanted, and I'm hoping they take us up on our offer.

Mack was in good spirits again this morning, but little did he know that he was in for another 6-7 hour drive ahead of him!

Mack & myself before we headed on the road home.

Somehow, even with all the shopping we did this past weekend, the stuff fit better in our car on the way home, than it did on the way to Toronto. Weird.

Somewhere on the 401 just outside of Oshawa, we met up with our cousins on the highway. They had been down in Toronto visiting as well. We tried to meet up with them late afternoon yesterday, but it just didn't work out.

We stopped in Kingston to get gas, eat, do a little bit of shopping and switch drivers. Amy had driven from Toronto to Kingston, and I was doing the second half, Kingston to home.

Mackie was in a good mood because he practically slept the entire way to Kingston. That was nice, because I got to chug away at the Log Cabin Blanket squares.

We actually got some pretty decent service (finally!) at Denny's which is where we ate for lunch.

Back on the road and Mack slept again. He was an angel the entire way home. I'm so happy about that. Music was good, Amy napped a bit and knit a bit, so it was nice and peaceful in the car. For a bit near home we had to sing a bit to Mack, but it wasn't so bad. He really was truly an awesome baby in the car. I couldn't have asked for any different.

Got home to see my Sean, whom I missed a lot this weekend away from him. (Miss the hubby too, of course!) Sean's 121 weeks old today, my is he getting bigger! I go away for 2 nights and I feel like he's grown since the last time I saw him. I can't believe he's almost 2 and a half. Where does time go??

Family dinner was cancelled tonight as my father wasn't feeling well. That was fine by me as after spending as many hours in the car that I did, I'm pooped.


Bea said...

Except your dad being sick, this sounds like a great end to the trip.

g-girl said...

was this the first time you went away with just one your kiddies? glad mack was SO good. and of course you missed sean and jamie! :)

Tara said...

Glad Mack was a charmer as always in the car on the way back. That's why I hate driving to Toronto! When the kids are difficult, it's just awful!

Amelah said...

thanks for inviting me last minute! Even though it took a hit on my wallet, I had fun :)

Too funny bunping into Mona and Stacey on the highway though!