Saturday, April 11, 2009

april eleven

Got to sleep in today. Oh, do I cherish those sleep-ins. Usually though, my sleep-ins consist of getting up somewhere between 6-7 am, getting Mack's diaper changed and then falling back asleep with him in our bed.

My sister stopped by at some point this afternoon to pick up something, and to visit the boys. Being silly we tried on this clown wig that Sean has in his toy room on Mack. It was too cute not to share with you! It didn't last very long on his head, he was already trying to pull it off as I was taking this picture.

Tonight we went to Jamie's step-aunt & step-uncle's house for Easter. It was so nice having the entire family all together on that side. It's rare that we get to see them or that there is someone missing, but almost all the family was there. (The only one missing was Jamie's step-cousin Melanie who is still in either Madagascar or the Congo. (Can't remember which one was first and then 2nd). She'll be back in December this year I believe. Not sure if she'll be back for Christmas, but Christmas this year is in Montreal. (Every year it rotates between Montreal & Toronto and last year ('08) was in Toronto. We were supposed to go but Mack got sick and was contagious to other kids).

Sean caught eating something. He's such a good eater that I don't have to worry about going to people's houses or out to eat, he'll always eat whatever everyone else is having. So happy I do not have a picky eater! (Knocks on wood...)

I finished reading Addition by Toni Jordan last night.

Grace the main character, has a type of OCD which means that she is obsessed with counting and measuring her world. Numbers and routines dictate her life. For example, the number of poppyseeds on her cake determine how many bites she must take to eat it (between 20 and 30 is optimal). She shops in multiples of 10 and when she discovers one day in the supermarket that she has only 9 bananas, she swipes one from the shopper behind her, which is how she meets Seamus whom she has a relationship with. I really liked the character Grace as she has an astounding sense of humor and is very smart and is very real. She knows she's different and accepts herself. She lost her teaching job due to obsessive counting of children instead of teaching the math. She loves her family and has no friends. She has a very structured meal plan and what she wears is also planned out by week and also by season.

I thought the subject matter of this book might make it a boring read, but it's not at all. Grace is a witty narrator and chapters are pretty quick reads. The story is about her relationship with Seamus and how they deal with her condition. In many ways it's a celebration of the way that we are all unique. It's a sweet, quirky, warm little book, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It's Toni Jordan's first novel and I hope she continues to write, as I will definitely read more from her if she does.


Amelah said...

Oy Mackie was too funny!

Sean is such a good kid!!! :)

Sounds like an interesting read..LOL...i have a million books lined up to read and no time do read due to knitting. Oy

Tara said...

Cute pic of Sean: BUSTED!!!

g-girl said...

love the afro. the book sounds interesting. i particularly found the part about the gal losing her job because she was busy counting children instead of teaching math funny!