Thursday, April 16, 2009

april sixteen

I've been keeping my "pocket" camera in a soap travel dish, to protect it. I saw this idea in a magazine some time ago. You'd think it would be a good solution.

Until you keep getting "LENS ERROR, RESTART CAMERA".... well... you restart it, over and over again, and keep getting this message. I've googled this, bloggers say that when they've gottent his error, they went straight to Canon. So, Canon is now on my list. Thank heavens there is a service center about 15-20 minutes from my house. I will put visiting them on my list of things to do, and make it a point to get there within the next week or so. (I am dying without my little pocket camera working. I can't take my Canon Rebel (DSLR) with me everywhere I go. Hence the need for a tiny camera as well).

Today was a work from home day. I had a lot to do, and a lot of things to catch up on. Mack did very well in the napping department, and had a nice afternoon nap, allowing me to get done my work, which always helps.

I am totally addicted to Jason Mraz's album called We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things. It's soooo good. My fave two songs are I'm Yours, and also Lucky (Featuring Colbie Caillat). Oooh, I can listen to those two songs over and over again.

Tonight was game one of the first round of the Playoffs for the Habs. Unfortunately we're in 8th spot, so we're playing Boston who is in 1st spot. Last year it was the opposite. We were in first and they were in eigth. I watched the game tonight with Jamie, while working on the Log Cabin Bridal Shower Squares (knitting after our guests left), and we unfortunately lost 4-2. Saturday night is the next game, so we'll see how we do. Last year we beat them to second round, but it took all 7 games. Hopefully we have a chance this year. We'll see what happens.

We also had Jamie's friend Jamie over tonight with his wife and their 2 kids for a bit. They came into town for Passover holidays and Jamie hasn't seen him in ages. Actually the last time we saw them was about 5 years ago, when their almost 6 year old was under 1! They come in for Passover every year (except last year) as Jamie's parents live around the corner from my parents. They're out in Alberta now. It was really nice to see them, and Sean enjoyed playing with Jerry who is only 9 months older than him. They played very well together the 2 of them. I was telling Jamie that it is really too bad they don't live closer as the kids played nicely, and they're a friends who are a couple that it would be nice to double date with once and a while.


Bea said...

Sorry about your camera!

Tara said...

I love Jason Mraz' new album too! You know he's coming to Montreal on August 1st, right?

g-girl said...

hmm..wonder what caused that lens error!