Friday, April 17, 2009

april seventeen :: ten months old

Mack is 10 months old today. 10 months. Wow. 2 more months until his 1st birthday. I still don'tunderstand how the last 10 months flew by so fast... and it seems like it's just going faster and faster and faster as the weeks, months, go by.

I ran some errands today and while I was out, I picked up this Pink Habs flag. So now I've got "his" and "hers" flags on my car. Let's just hope they win tomorrow night!

Tonight, for the first time we put the two boys into the bath together. It was actually not bad to give both boys a bath together at the same time! I think that is what we'll do from now on at bath time. Saves time! Though, Sean's a little rough and all he wanted to do was pour water all over Mack with the bucket. Mack kept getting annoyed, and I don't blame him.

I got an early birthday gift from Jamie. It's this lovely bracelet. I love it. It's just perfect. I wonder how he knew I wanted it (LOL). (Ok, ok, I picked it out!) Now I just need somewhere to dress up to and wear it! It's not an everyday bracelet, though I wish I could wear it everyday.

I've been using the treadmill almost every day. I've been very good at what I've been eating. Though, the scale didn't change from this Wednesday (I'm still down 24.2 lbs), apparently I've gained half an inch everywhere all over my entire body. Now, it's not the usual girl (nutritionist) who measured me today (the usual girl went to the Cabane a Sucre with her son today), so I'm wondering if I'm bloated (water retention) or if I've seriously gained back half an inch all over my entire body. I guess we'll see next Friday when I go back, I want the regular girl to do my measurements. I think I'm going to make sure that she does my measurements every Friday from now on.... only makes sense. Argh. Frustrating. Really.

Off to go veg on the couch, watch some TV and knit.


Angela said...

Your pics of the kids in the tub FILLED with toys brought back such memories...I have 3 girls and our tub used to look just like that! I miss those days!

dawn said...

The boys looks so cute in the tub together. My 2yo saw the picture and said I luv the toys.

Kelly said...

Are the kids really in the tub? I could hardly see them for all of the toys!! LOL I just have 1 and the tub looks like that everytime she gets in it!!

carolynswafford said...

You seriously have the cutest and happiest kids. You should be proud! And that bracelet is GORGEOUS. It matches your necklace perfectly.

Tara said...

Isn't it funny how our husbands manage to choose the perfect gift when they're properly motivated? ;)

Giving the kids their bath together is much easier, I have to agree. Although I'm starting to look forward to when they take showers! My knees (and back!) need the rest!

g-girl said...

you are too cute with your his and hers habs flags! must be nice to have the option to bathe the boys @ the same time now.

Nell said...

Pretty bracelet! Your hubby (aka you) has great taste!