Monday, April 20, 2009

april twenty

This morning at the nutritionist's office, I was still down 24.2 lbs. I think I may have plateaued and if so, we'll see next week, then we'll be making a bit of changes to my daily meal plan for the time being to kick start my metabolism. It's that last 10.8 lbs that's a bitch...Why is it always the last ten pounds?

Do you remember about 10 months ago I was talking about a baby boy named Mackenzie that was born on my birthday, that was across the hall from me at the hospital? (Or that I thought was across from me at the hospital, but then was confused because there was also an orderly at the hospital whose last name was Mackenzie?). Well, in the above (and a few below picture(s), meet Mackenzie! Mackenzie got to meet Mackenzie, one day older than him. He was at our playgroup today. His mom is friends with a mom in my playgroup. And they're both Mackenzies with "C" last names. Though my Mackenzie is Mackenzie Riley, hers is Mackenzie Alexander. And her in-laws are friends with my grandmother. Small world.

They had a good time playing together, Mackenzie squared.

Mackenzie also had fun playing with some of his other friends, like Max.

Afterwards I ran some errands with my mom, and did you know that you can now get a whole wheat bun on your grilled chicken sandwich at Harvey's? I was sure that's what was on it a while ago when I was there with Jamie, but the girl at the counter had no idea, so she couldn't confirm it. This makes me happy. I wonder if I can get a different burger with the whole wheat bun as well? Maybe you can ask for it?

So our first stop was to Canon, with my camera (Elph SD1000) that was giving me "Lens Error, Please restart camera"... Well, there's physical damage. Not sure how, because as you can see I was keeping it in the "soap dish travel case" and so it was protected by a hard case. The guy told me that I can fix it, but that it would be about 150$ plus taxes. He then suggested to me that it's cheaper to buy a new one.

Well.... here's some fantastic news...!

I was at Walmart shortly after with my mother (I needed some gardening things for my seedlings to transplant them into pots as they are getting way too large) and we met my grandmother there. By chance, I decided to look in the electronics department, and they happen to have the SD1100 on sale for 178$. So I was thinking, alright, a brand new camera with a brand new warranty for only about 28$ more than what it would have cost me to fix my camera that was from 2007. (I got it when Sean was about 8 months old).

So, it turns out that the demo is the last one left. Okay, no problem, and the 178$ is the "demo" price. So I say "No problem, I'll take it..."

So the girl in the electronics department has to call the chick from the photo lab because she has to get the key for the demo security and to get the box and all the stuff for the camera.

The girl comes over, she has the box, but no battery, and no memory card that comes with it.

So I start to think... it's the same battery & card (which I bought a larger card anyhow for my SD1000) and I ask her... "What price can you give it to me for, if I just buy the body"....

40% off.

(That's totally more than I was expecting!) So I took it.

I still have 14 days with Walmart, and then 1 year with Canon. And now I got a working camera for less than what I would have paid to get mine fixed.

What a good deal! And I tested out my battery in the store before I left, it's the same one for both cameras, so it's perfect.

What a good deal! And now I have a working pocket camera. (Can't always take my Rebel with me everywhere).

Tonight I went with my mother to the 3rd playoff game between the Habs and Boston. We unfortunately lost 4 - 2, but I still had fun at the game, and I still got to work a bit more (still not done) my Go Habs Go sock.

I love this HUGE flag that was going around the Bell Center, it was pretty darn neat.

I have 2 completed Log Cabin squares to show you for the blanket I'm knitting with Amy & Jenn. It's coming along. I hope to have it done soon, though this week seems to be another busy week, but we're running out of time, and so I hope to get all my squares done asap!


carolynswafford said...

No offense, but your MacKenzie is way cuter than the other one!!! :)

Balkan Style Bloggers said...

I agree with Carolyn - your Mackenzie is the cutest cutie patootie.

Great deal on the camera. It was SO meant to be!

g-girl said...

i was hoping you were gonna get a good deal on the newer camera! :) ohh, you'll get're SO close to losing those last 10.8 lbs!

Tara said...

I love that picture of Mack the Knife having a blast! He's just adorable.

And great deal on the camera! I need to get into the habit of carrying one around with me at all times too! Bad blogger, BAD BLOGGER!!!

Bea said...

Aren't Mack and Mack so cute! Glad you got an awesome deal on the camera.