Tuesday, April 28, 2009

april twenty-eight :: 45 weeks old & 28 months old

Mack is 45 weeks old today.

As well, Sean is 28 months old today. 28 months on the 28th of April. Cute.

This morning I started a new music class with Mack, to get us out of the house for something fun once a week. It's early in the morning and we like the ladies who do the music part. It's half an hour gym and half an hour music. The moms in this class are all new to me, and are super nice. They're all 2nd or 3rd time moms, and I like this change of faces.

Mackenzie got to go in a swing for I think the first time ever. He was newborn last summer so he didn't get to go on swings last summer, and didn't go on any in the winter, that's for sure. He's loving the swing set!

And of course, he had to try on his fishie hat again. Don't you miss these adorable photos of him in that hat?? I sure did. His head is finally growing into the hat!

Then I had a few minutes to kill so I grabbed a tea and bagel from Tim Horton's drive-thru, and then sat in front of Sean's daycare for a bit knitting away on my last square for the Log Cabin Blanket. I had then at 10:45 am, Sean's Parent/Teacher interview. Honestly, there wasn't much I didn't already know about Sean's growth/learning/behavior. The things we need to work on are his anger management (yes, she used this word for a 2 year old!!!) and his colors.He's the only kid in his class who can recognize all the letters of the alphabet in and out of order and can sing the alphabet without any glitches. He can count to 13 and knows some more higher numbers too. Overall, I'm impressed and well... what 2 year old can control their anger management!? Seriously??

After the interview we came home and Mack had a nice nap. This allowed me to finish working on my 6 square for the Log Cabin Blanket.

Then I ran over to Jenn's house with both mine & Amy's squares so that Jenn could do the seaming. Mack played with some of Jakob & Henri's toys while we figured out the blanket.

Here are my 6 squares.

And here are all 16 squares together. So mine are the ones with the brown on the outside, Amy's are the ones with the green out the outside and Jenn's arethe ones with the white on the outside.

It's definitely looking good! I cannot wait to see it finished! And to give it as a gift on Saturday.

Mack is super attached to his bunny. Though, we need a name for it. Any suggestions? Sean has his "Nunu", but this bunny came with a tag that said "Nunu" as well. We cannot have 2 Nunu's in the house, that would just be very confusing to the kids. So... my mom suggestions Tutu, but my husband doesn't like it. Then bunbun was suggested, as it's a bunny... but that's just... well... blah. Anyhow, I'm willing to send a little gift (not sure what yet), to the person who suggests the winning name for Mack's bunny blanket. So here's a contest for you! Suggest away!

This evening was a chill night, since both Jamie and I wanted to take it easy. Next project is to pick up the stitches on my step-mother-in-law's vest so that I can finish that one already!


Courtney said...

I actually gasped when I saw the blanket squares together. That's going to be gorgeous!

Firefly said...

I remember calling mine my "lovey". All is well, I just hate my computer and can't get through an email without it crashing. Don't know what I'm having, due July 12, but I promise a real email by the end of the week!

~Jo~ said...

For Mack's bunny, I'd go with nyny or hoppy or hophop or hoppity hop or.... LOL! Nevermind, my kids never got attached to toys like that, so I'm no help. ;)

Melanie said...

How about "Hoppie" - it designates the action that bunnies do...I always like names that somehow relate to the item :) I see it as educational opportunities!

Laura said...

My thought was, "Ribbit".
The blanket looks really good.

Firefly said...

Doudou was another one I have heard, kind of goes with nunu,maybe....

Heddy said...

How about wabbit? or a lot of kids call their sookie blanket "gully" - dunno why, but almost all my friends had a childhood sooky named 'gully - gully-gully" (must roll off the toddler tongue nicely?)

Bea said...

The swings look very very fun. The blanket looks awesome.

g-girl said...

aww, his first time on a swing ever? :) of course he loved it. well, check out your lil 2 year old...he knows the letters of the alphabet and can count all the way to 13?? i think the anger management thing along with the colors will come in time.

Tara said...

I had a bunny stuffie when I was little. His name was Bunny-bun-bunny-bun-bun-bun-bunny-bun.

Yes really. LOL!

Might I suggest Bunny-bun?

Amelah said...

AWW Mack the fishie!!! Way to cute!!! That kid is giong to be stud when he is older! Sean too!
You are giong to have to get a stroger lock for the front door to fight away all the girls!