Thursday, April 23, 2009

april twenty-three

Today I spent doing chores around the house, and one of the items on my "to-do" list was to put my plants from the little greenhouse and move each seedling into larger pots with more earth, to help their growth. Also - they now need sunlight (the first week they are in a dark cool place in the closed greenhouse). I have a few plants that will be going to friends, as I always have extra plants, as I want to make sure that they will sprout and stay alive. (Some do die for whatever reason that they do).

Another thing on my to-do list was to fix my boots after washing them, and putting them away for the summer. The zippers had broken on both of them, and I had been using paper clips to pull them up and down all winter. I love these boots and did not want to have to buy a new pair. Simple solution, at Walmart I found zipper clips! They work perfectly! And my boots, washed from the winter salt (which is nasty by the way!) are looking great! And now I don't have to buy new boots this upcoming winter when I have boots that I love.

Tonight I went out to the West Island Knit/Crochet night. We ended up going to Chenoy's for a change of pace tonight, and once again the service there was just mediocre. I don't think they like us knitters. I was the first one to arrive and of course, I over heard one waiter to another say "Oh, it's that group of knitters again".... what the heck is that supposed to mean? We eat, we pay for our food and we're not loud. We're just regular customers. I don't get it. I worked on my Log Cabin Squares for the bridal shower gift I'm knitting with Amy & Jenn. It's coming along, and the squares have to be finished for next Tuesday. I can do it!


g-girl said...

wow, look at your plants already!! nice that you were able to find zipper clips for your boots! :) that's weird about chenoy especially since you guys do eat there and stuff.

Bea said...

Of course you can do it. Sounds like you are checking things speedily off your checklist.

Tara said...

Hey, cool that you were able to find a solution to salvage your boots! And yay for gifting plants to friends! :)