Tuesday, April 14, 2009

april fourteen :: 43 weeks old

Mack is 43 weeks old today.
To realize that his birthday is in 9 weeks... Holy!

I watched him climb up the stairs today. He did every one of them from the basement to our den level very well. I was impressed. He is no where near ready to go backwards down the stairs though. We'll save that for a while. I love the look he's giving me above "Ma, do you see what I'm doing?"

Today I had Madeleine come over and play with Mackie all afternoon (when he wasn't sleeping) so that I could prepare for the "booth" I had tonight at the Montreal Knitting Guild meeting. I really appreciate everything that Madeleine did for me today - one million times over, so thank you Mad!!

This was my little booth tonight at the guild meeting. I brought so much stuff I almost couldn't fit everything on the 2 tables they gave me. I had a lot of fun tonight (I wore my Robyn's Nest shirt that I had made last year before Rhinebeck) and sold some things!

And I even bought some yarn tonight. It's 15% Silk, 65% Merino, 20% Bamboo Fingering Weight Yarn from Cottage Crafts Angora. They had a booth at the Guild Meeting as well tonight. There is about 350 yards per skein, so I bought 2 just to be safe.

And the lovely Christine who also had a booth at the meeting tonight, gave me as a gift (how freakin' sweet of her?!) this tote bag above. She imports them and they are just awesome. I can't wait to use it. Thank you Christine!

I had a good day today, and now that the stress is over (from the sale), I can now breathe a little easier, though the rest of my week seems to be insanly busy. I'll blink my eye and it'll be Sunday night. Really.


Bea said...

No way! Mack can't possibly be that old yet! Geez where does time go.

Love the tote bag. I hope you sold a bunch of stuff at the guild meeting.

carolynswafford said...

Your booth looks so yummy, I just want to dive into all of that yarn! Wheee! And Mack is such a cutie!!!

Tara said...

Mack CAN'T be almost a year old. Oi. Where does the time go, right?

g-girl said...

cool tote bag. what is it made out of?