Thursday, April 30, 2009

april thirty

This morning when I brought Sean to daycare, it was a good drop off day. Some days are better than others and some days are still hard. He's starting to realize that Mack gets to spend the entire day with me at home. What he doesn't realize, is that Mack naps twice a day, and mommy works during the time that Mack's napping. I feel good that today was a good drop off day.

I came home and finished seaming Mack's Moss Block Cardigan, and sewed on the buttons, and voila, I have an FO for you:

Pattern: Moss Block Cardigan by Jennifer Lori
For: Mackenzie
Yarn: Flock of Feathers DK in Seagull
Needle: US 5 / 3.75 mm
Size: 6-12 months
Timeline: September 12, 2008 until April 30th, 2009 (Not consecutively). I was working on other projects and deadlines in between and unfortunately forgot to keep working on it. It's a super fast knit, it should not have taken me this long to finish it.
Modifications: Followed pattern as published.
Opinion: Love it! Definitely hope he wears it for a while!

A special added touch of baseball buttons.

I am so happy with this project! Enjoy the photos!
I'm biased, but I have a super cute model.

I worked from home all morning today, as I was at home waiting for Bureau En Gros (Staples for those of you not in Quebec), to have them deliver only half my order. I'm so pissed! Now I have to stay home another day when they decide to deliver the other half. (Someone has to be there to sign for your package). I called to find out where my other half is, and they said those items are special order items, and will be coming from a different warehouse. Weird.

When my cleaning lady left at 1pm, I headed over to my mom's house to pick her up. I had a delivery to do for my shop, and I was meeting the girl's boyfriend at a metro station. Since I didn't feel comfortable doing this alone, my mother said she's come with me for the drive. Just for safety reasons. I'm always cautious when meeting up with strangers. Wouldn't you be?

So, after doing the delivery, we went to a near by mall so that I could go to the post office and my mother wanted to see something in another store in that shopping center. I go to the post office, and do a huge mailing. Mack gets restless in the stroller so my mother walks over to the other store she wanted with Mackenzie. The other store doesn't allow you to go in with parcels (or you leave them at the cash). So I decided to bring my empty reusable shopping bags back to my car before going into this other store, as they are the huge Costco reusable bags and I wanted to get them out of my hands. Upon returning to my car, I see a yellow paper under my windshield. I was like, "WTF!"....?

It's a "warning parking ticket"... from the "parking lot security". This guy has been working there at this parking lot for as far as I can remember. It's an outdoor strip mall around the corner from my old duplex. (The one we lived in until we moved where we are now). He's ALWAYS walking around the parking lot. You can always find him. He wears a black outfit and has the orange & yellow reflector jacket on.

What does my ticket say?

The date, my car model & my license plate. And what's checked off?

"Your vehicle is parked in a zone reserved for thes hopping centre's customers".


I just spent 352$ and change in the post office inside the Pharmaprix and I'm not a customer of your shopping center? I bet most people DO NOT spend that much in the little dinky strip mall. I do see where he's coming from writing tickets such as these, because people DO abuse the parking lot and park in there to use the metro which is in the same parking lot. It's illegal to park in the lot and leave. I have NEVER done that.

And where's parking lot security when you need to find him? No where to be found for 20-25 minutes. My mother and I searched the lot, and even the handful of stores in the lot.

The bottom of the ticket says "Your vehicle will be towed at your expense without further notice".... Ok, and if you tow my car, how will I know you towed it?? What was the point of leaving that on my windshield?

Anyhow, I'm writing a letter to the shopping centre's head office, their address and phone number is on the ticket, and I want in writing that there is no strikes again my license plate, and that my car will not be towed if I park again in their lot. I will be photocopying my bill that I indeed spent 352$ and change in their shopping centre at the time of this supposed "crime" that my car was commiting. I want an apology as well.

Where does this guy even come up with the fact that I parked there and left? I just don't get it.

We were going to do more shopping in this centre, but after that, I was worried that my car would get towed, so we decided to leave. Especially after wasting 20-25 minutes looking for the parking lot security with no luck. I still needed to get wrapping stuff for the Log Cabin Blanket that we are giving to our cousin on Saturday at her bridal shower.

I had an hour an home before I had to go pick up Sean from daycare, and I got some more stuff done around the house. Things are slowly coming together and getting organized.

This evening I chilled at home and finished picking up the stitches on my step-mother-in-law's Vest. I'm *hoping* to get it to her for Mother's Day next weekend. It was supposed to be part of her birthday present (her birthday was in December!) I'm a tad behind, but that's okay. She's not in any rush. I want to get that to her though, asap!


dawn said...

Love the little sweater! Very cute! Sounds like you had an unfriendly shopping trip. Hope you get it straightened out.

window dressing said...

You're so right! When you need to find them they are nowhere to be found but when it's for something stupid like your warning ticket they are everywhere....I hope you do get your apology it's no fun when you are in the right and someone says you are not. Btw, cutie pie makes a gorgeous little model.

Bea said...

The sweater is so very cute on Mack! I'm sorry about the ticket. That really sucks.

g-girl said...

the cardi is adorable on mack! :) i can't believe you got a parking ticket for not being a patron of the strip mall and you were! that's so lame. hope this gets settled soon!

Tara said...

The pictures are adorable. Yes, Mack's a great model, but you did a super job on the cardigan. Congrats!

Amelah said...

Mackenzie the model!! That sweater came out cute!! At least he will get a bit of use out of it!!!

Nell said...

It fits him perfectly! Love the buttons!