Saturday, April 04, 2009

april four

I love starting off my days with happy boys. Both boys usually wake up in super moods almost every day. (After an 11-13 hour sleep, wouldn't you feeling very freakin' refreshed and in a super mood too?)

This is one of the last toothless photos of Mack....! As of tonight, his first tooth is about 1/8th out. This morning, it was still in the gums (I've been checking religiously, and I'm sure Mackie just wants to bite my finger off by now!) I'm a proud mama! His first tooth! (Just one too!)

Today I played in dyes all day long. It was fun. First I played around with some mini skeins for my blanket. As I'm not repeating one colorway twice in the blanket, I've been trying to come up with some new ones, by playing with the dyes. Let's just say, I'm having a ton of fun.

I also dyed up some Grape Soda. It's another test for a 4 ply fingering weight.

And I also dyed up some Grapecicle, in Flock of Feathers Sock. It's for sale in the shop, check it out. I'm just obsessed with purple these days. If you knew me prior to getting pregnant, the word purple would NOT come out of my mouth, I hated it. And now...!? Love it. Not sure what's the story behind falling in love with purple again...! I can't explain it.

Today otherwise was a real chill day. I love those. A bit of a rainy Saturday, it's what the doctors ordered. Since Jamie didn't have hockey tonight we tried to find a babysitter but we were not in luck, so instead we chilled on the couch and caught up on the last 3 episodes of Lost that were sitting on our PVR. I also worked on my Step-Mother-in-Law's Vest, which is coming along mighty fine. I hope to get it to her by Thursday, when we see her for Passover. (Though we'll be seeing her again on Saturday for Easter, so if it doesn't get to her by Thursday, Saturday's just as fine).


Shelby said...

Isn't playing with dyes SO much fun!! I absolutely love it!

And yay for loving purple! I used to HATE pink, until I had my daughter, now I like it again. Though now that she wants a PINK room, I'm not sure how much longer I'll be liking the pinks. :)

Anonymous said...

What an absolutely adorable picture of Mack (that first one)! I love the yummy purple yarn you had dyed.

Bea said...

Pretty yarn. You are crazy with the purple lately.

g-girl said...

look at those toothless grins! teehee. love the grapesicle yarn!

Tara said...

Purple is AWESOME! :)