Tuesday, April 21, 2009

april twenty-one :: 44 weeks old

Mack is 44 weeks old today.

I was stuck home most of the day today waiting for FedEx, so I spend some time in the kitchen dying yarn. It's so much fun, I'm loving it. There are some new techniques that I would love to learn, but for now, it's just great. I am really loving it, and having a lot of fun. It's just great to begin with to play with color and yarn at the same time.

This afternoon upon picking up Sean from daycare, I took both boys with me to the local pharmacy. The carts are really small, so Sean sat in the big part and Mack went into the child seat part. They were so cute together, Sean was making Mack giggle. Oh, I love their laughter together.

This is a phot of my new camera, which I got which was just for the body. It's super cute and it's blue. I really didn't care what color it came in, but it was the last one left. The battery is currently being charged and I cannot wait to use it. I honestly don't know what I would have done without a pocket camera. So super happy of the good deal I got on it.

This evening I caught up on some TV shows with Jamie, and worked on the Log Cabin Blanket as there is a deadline for it. The Bridal shower is the weekend after next, but after it's all knitted up we still have to seam it together, and possible add or border and/or a backing. More details on that to come.


Amelah said...

oy they are so cute together :)

g-girl said...

those are super teeny carts! I was hoping for a laughing pic. oh well.

Tara said...

You look good in red!

Bea said...

Is this the same type of camera you had before? I've managed to drop mine a billion times and it never broke. So if this is the same I guess I'm surprised that it got damaged because I was anything but kind to mine.