Wednesday, April 08, 2009

april eight

Mack napped late today after I got back in from the nutritionist office (down 22.2 lbs!) and I didn't get to go to Ariadne's mom & baby knit thing, which I really wanted to go to. Mack was super cranky. He's been doing the tooth cutting thing lately.

So, I stayed in and took care of some work, and did a lot laundry all day. A lot of laundry. It never freakin' ends. There never is an end in sight. 2 adults, 2 kids. 2 very messy kids. I guess th next time the laundry will be weekly (or every other week) again, will be after the 2 boys move out.

Ohh! I forgot to show you yesterday, I got my new glasses yesterday! Those lovely purple ones I showed you a few Saturdays ago when I went with Jamie to pick up his new glasses. I heart them!

The suburb I live in today said "Let there be light"...! Ugh. This lampost sits on my front property and shines BRIGHT ORANGE into my bedroom. My father-in-law accidently backed into it the day of Sean's 2nd Birthday Party back in December 2008. It was finally fixed today, and it will no longer be pitch black in our bedroom, no matter how tight we close the blinds. (Maybe it's time for new blinds?)

Mackie wanted to check out the laundry baskets while I was doing the laundry today.

So I put him into the basket!

I also put together the final touches on my gift baskets. I made one for my parents, one for Jamie's cousin & one for Jamie's Step-Aunt & Step-Uncle. Went with an apple theme for the Jewish Seders and Bunnies/Chicks for the Easter basket. We went to my parents house tonight for Passover, tomorrow we're going to Jamie's cousin's house for Passover and Saturday to Jamie's step-Aunt & Step-Uncle's for Easter. (Busy week!)

The final touches on the basket for my parents.

For Jamie's cousin Debra & her husband/fiancee/boyfriend (?) Pat.

And for Jamie's step-aunt & step-uncle for Easter.

And the finished basket all wrapped looked like this!

So as I mentioned before, we went to my parents house for passover tonight. My basket was a huge success with my parents. I'm glad they liked it. We were almost 30 people tonight, and I don't know what we'll do next year when more kids need seats at the table (rather than a high chair in the corner). Sean was very well behaved, as my sister's boyfriend played with him in the basement while the actual seder was going on. I got to use the excuse that I was feeding Mackenzie while the seder was going on, so that I didn't have to read from the seder book this year. (I am a bit shy reading infront of others. Reading kids books to Sean is one thing, but out loud in front of almost 30 people.... bah! I can do without.) Mack was also very well behaved at the dinner table tonight.

After dinner I figured out the Log Cabin Blanket with Jenn & Amy for our cousin Caryn's bridal shower which is on May 2nd. We needed to figure out how many squares each, and which color combinations each of us would do. I think it's going to be super nice. I really hope Caryn likes it.


MLJ1954 said...

Beautiful dinner and wonderful baskets.

As to the laundry . . . sigh . . . I actually hate doing laundry. So, I do it all starting on Friday evenings and generally have it all done by noon on Saturday.

I work fulltime so I sort the laundry in the morning and my daughter (now 15) adds her stuff after she gets home from school and washes at least one load. This has been our routine for years. I started it with my oldest daughter (now 23) when she was in 6th grade. Usually, by Friday bedtime (mine not hte kids), all the laundry except the sheets are done (usually seven or eight baskets). It works. Instead of doing a dreaded chore EVERY DAY, it is done within a 12 hour period. At least it works for me.

We have lots of lights outside our home (freeway and street). We have room darkening shades AND drapes. That works too!

TROIS OISEAUX - Kimber said...

Laundry sucks! I think when the kids leave the house they come for visits and bring laundry don't they? I remember doing that in University!

Those baskets are so nice! I would be thrilled to get one of those!

Andrea said...

You look so sad in your photo :(

Bea said...

You need blackout curtains to go over the blinds.

Tara said...

I've sort of got a "thing" for laundry, so I don't mind that it's never-ending. Sorry!

The glasses are awesome, and your gift baskets are just wonderful! Seriously, you're so creative. I don't know how you do it!

g-girl said...

the gift baskets are cute! I'm sure they were well loved. :) sorry to hear about the light that now shines into your window @ night. :( maybe your FIL can back into the post again. ;)