Monday, April 27, 2009

april twenty-seven

Sean had a meltdown at daycare this morning when I brought him. He wanted to wear his white sneakers. He was wearing his blue ones. His blue ones matched what he was wearing today. (Yes, white matches everything but it's rare he gets to wear his blue shoes because they don't match everything). He threw such a tantrum for those white shoes. Not sure how, but we finally got him distracted and on with his day. He couldn't have thrown the fit at home? I would have changed his shoes immediately at home. At daycare, I don't have what to change them with...!

Next stop was my nutritionist's office. I'm now down 25.4 lbs. This is good because I pretty much eat out every meal this weekend, because we were out of town. So for that, and being a bit down on the scale, I'm totally okay with that! I need to start losing more weight. I need to reach my goal by May 29th.

I worked at home all afternoon, and my sister came over for a bit to help me out. I had a bunch of cakes to wind... as you can see above. Wow, what a job that was! I hope my arm is at least toned from the amount of winding we did this afternoon. (Thanks sis!)

I started working on the guest list for Mack's 1st birthday party. Oh wow, it's quite the list. It's basically Sean's 1st birthday party list and now Mack has friends. You see, I never was in a playgroup with Sean after he was born. I didn't know anyone who had babies once he was born, and all my friends had babies around the same time Mack was born. So now, Mack has friends to come to his first birthday party when Sean's 1st birthday party was all just family. (Sean started classes at the local Y just a few days after his party and made friends). Anyhow, I'm kinda afraid to get my replies back! At least my parents have a decent sized home, and it'll be June, there's always outside too.

Tonight Jamie and I sat on the couch and watched a ton of TV, as there was a bunch of shows that were ending tonight. (Heroes, Chuck, all the jazz...) What a good TV night. And once again, I plugged away at knitting those squares.... gotta have them to Jenn by tomorrow. I'm almost there.


Bea said...

I hope your arm is toned too. I'm sure its achy. I can't believe Mack is already nearing one. Where does the time go??

g-girl said...

how exciting..mack is going to be one already??

Tara said...

Wow! What're all the cakes for??

Amelah said...

That was a good working out!!!!

Your very welcome!