Friday, April 10, 2009

april ten

Sean threw a fit this morning in my master bathroom, and wanted to dress himself. He's super good at getting himself undressed, but dressed - that's a whole other story.

The socks didn't work out so well, so he tried the pants. He kept getting 2 legs down one leg hole. I walked away for a bit, and when he got frustrated he came running to me, "Mommy help". Yeah, that's what I thought. Thank heavens he didn't have to be at daycare today (daycare was closed today and as well on Monday).

Jamie took Sean to work for a bit (to his store, since it was still open, but his office job he's off today) and then to Mcdonald's for lunch. Sean just loves McDonadls, and it's so cute the way he says the name. I can't even do the hooked-on-phonics for you, but it's just adorable. It's the type of thing that you would have to know he means "McDonalds" or you'd think he was just spitting out rubbish.

So while they were out, I headed to the nutritionist, and I was stable this week, due to passover. But that's good. I didn't lose from Wednesday but I'm sure glad I didn't gain any weight since then. I was kind of very worried about getting onto the scale today after the past two nights at Passover dinners. Phew.

I chilled all afternoon and did a huge facebook photo update. I hadn't done one in about a month and a half (when I used to be on top of these things). I had some family members asking "so any new photos of the boys"... yeah... so, I finally got those up. Feels great to check one thing off my to-do list (my non-priority to-do list).

I was able to do half an hour on the treadmill this afternoon while Mack napped. That felt great. Once you get passed the first 10 minutes, anything after that is a peace of cake. I don't know what it is, but the first 10 minutes are always the hardest.

This evening I went with the kids & Jamie to my in-laws for dinner. My sister-in-law was in town with my nephew. We don't get to see them often, so it was nice to see them. They came in for Easter weekend and will be at the Easter shindig tomorrow.

This evening I got to work on the Log Cabin Blanket that I am making with Amy & Jenn for our cousin Caryn's Bridal Shower that we have at the beginning of May. Better get cracking on it. Next week is the week from hell, so I know that I won't have much knitting time.


Bea said...

Aw. Isn't that cute. Soon enough he'll be able to manage dressing and this will be wonderful for you to have to remember these efforts!

Amelah said...

first 10 minutes is always the hardest in work out
then your endorphins kick in and you are good to go!

dawn said...

My boys love McDonald's too. They call it Domalds.

Tara said...

I'm dreading stepping on the scale today. I didn't work out once last week, and there may have been chocolate cake issues as well... *Sigh*

g-girl said...

he's growing up!