Friday, May 01, 2009

may one

I swore I would never talk about my child's bowel movements, ever. However, when you're a proud mother to a child who just made po.op in the potty for the very first time, you get very excited. This morning, Sean went on the potty number 2! For the very first time! And he asked to use the potty, which makes it even more exciting! However, he got so excited that he went, he ran out of the bathroom all excited and jumping, that he finished his business on my bedroom carpet. Fun. At least it was easay to clean.

This morning I ran into the nutritionist's office. I had my mom in the car with both boys. I'velost a total of 4 inches this week from last Friday! 1/2 an inch here and 1/2 and inch there, it's adding up! I think I've lost just under 40 inches in total over all! I'm down 25.6 lbs in total, which is amazing so far, though my weight loss is slowing up, it apparently does at the end. I have under 10 lbs to go to my goal. I can so do it! It's now taking more motivation though...

Next stop was at Walmart to buy the boys matching polo shirts for today's photo session in the studio. I wanted to do both a set with their Habs jerseys on, and then another set with matching shirts and jeans. I had it all planned out. I found matching polo shirts and then we went into the studio. Below are my few favorites from this morning:

I ordered a sheet of this one above.

And because I could only order 1 pose for my package, I chose this one above. I love it!

I was sooooooooo worried about Sean not listening or looking at the camera. I was worried about Mack crawling off the table forward. It just went perfectly. Sean was an angel and just wanted to put his arms around his brother. Mack stayed still. I couldn't have asked for anything better.

Next I picked up the blanket from Jenn, as it was finished, so I could "size" a basket for it. At first we were going to put it in a box, but it ended up looking even better in a wicker basket. I give my mother credit for the wicker basket idea.

Doesn't it look more "home-y" in a basket?

Pattern: Log Cabin Square by Sarah Bradberry
For: My cousin Caryn the bride-to-be
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash in White, Brown & Green
Needle: US 10 / 6.0 mm
Size: Each square was 11x11 and it's 4 squares wide by 4 squares high
Timeline: April 7th, 2009 - April 28th, 2009
Modifications: Followed pattern as published.
Opinion: Love it! Would knit this for us one day.

It's a perfect throw for my cousin's couch. I cannot wait to give it to her tomorrow at her bridal shower. I just hope the bride-to-be likes it! That's the biggest worry!

I promised Sean McDonald's for lunch today, as he was a really good boy during the photo session, and I found that they have a Chicken Fajita on the menu that is only 5g of fat. You can get a combo for it with Salad that comes with Light Italian Dressing. I am so glad that there are options for someone who is trying to lose weight, on the menu.

After lunch we headed to Rosemere for the afternoon. We first stopped in and visited Jamie at work, and I wanted to check the store next to him that is closing. That is where I got the buttons for Mack's sweater that I finished yesterday (the baseball buttons). Anyhow, I found more there, and bought all the packages they had left in stock as they were 50% off. I hope to make the boys more sweaters. The butons are totally cute. I found some other buttons while I was at it.

After that, we went to Walmart, and while there I fully equipped Sean's 3 year old wordrobe for like 20$. I swear, my luck. Whenever I go with my mother, I always find the best deals ever. Again, we are in there and this lady working comes over and says "I just put a bunch of size 3 stuff on liquidation for 1$"..... I got him pants, shirts, sweaters, all for a buck each. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't believe my receipt when I walked out of there with all those clothes. I honestly think he's set for his size 3 wardrobe. (He's still in size 2 right now though).

And I got the most awesomest pair of shoes. I'll show you them tomorrow when I blog about wearing them to the Bridal Shower we have tomorrow. I won't even tell you how cheap I got them, so you don't get jealous. They're just the most adorable shoes ever....! So glad I have an excuse to wear them tomorrow!

My in-laws came for dinner tonight, and my step-mother-in-law brought her famous sauce. I haven't had it in forever, mainly because I've not really been eating much starch after 5pm, (tonight I made the exception) and her meat sauce on spaghetti is way too heavy for lunch (unless it's leftovers, lol, then it's okay!). As soon as I reach my goal, and I start introducing things slowly back into my eating, then I'll start cooking batches of sauce again. I think Jamie really misses it. It's been since last year I haven't made a batch of meat sauce. (I started my weight loss program in January when we got back from Florida). I still can't believe I've lost 25 and a half lbs! It's truly unreal!

Tonight after my in-laws left, Jamie & I watched 2 hours of Lost (from the last 2 weeks) and while watching I caught up on uploading all my recent photos to my facebook account. I was a little behind and I was starting to get crap from family members "Where are recent photos of the boys!)

I got my summer issue of Interweave Knits in the mail today. Now to find the time to sit down and go through it. Time... not sure what that is anymore!


dyanna said...

I like your blog. I'm waiting for your new posts.

Amelah said...

I love, love, love those pics of my nephews!!! Truly adorable!!!!

Jenny said...

Happy Mother's day Robyn!

I love the pictures of the boys, especially the last one where they are both laughing. And great potty news! We are just starting with the potty with Chloe and I was so proud when she went pee in the potty for the first time, I told all my friends about it! Yup, typical mom behavior!

Bea said...

Your boys looks so much alike!! Its awesome that you managed to outfit Sean's entire 3 yr old wardrobe for $20. Amazing. The blanket is really cute. I hope she liked it!

window dressing said...

They look like the best of buddies in those pictures. Sooooo cute!! It's typically unheard of that little kids sit perfectly for pictures but I guess they were having so much fun. Glad to hear the great weight loss news. I'm gleaning bits of inspiration from you as I embark on my own exercise/dieting regime.

Lena said...

The boys are sooo cute! And Mack is so big! I've been off the radar for awhile and just wanted to see how y'all were doing. That great that you scored Sean's wardrobe for so litlle money. Happy belated Mother's Day!

Big Girl Feet said...

Aww your lil' guys are sooo cute!! And great shots of them!
Love the blanket too- it turned out really well!!

Daniel said...

The boys look super cute in the pictures. How adorable! Love the blanket too!

g-girl said...

oh my gosh, i love all the new pics of the boys! the log cabin blanket looks amazing! I hope your cousin loves it.

Tara said...

The blanket is awesome, I think I'll add it to my Ravelry queue. And that picture of Mack and Sean laughing themselves silly cracks me up!