Saturday, May 30, 2009

may thirty

I was able to sleep in today until 10:30 am but after a 2 am wake-up from Sean and then a 6 am wake-up from Mack. Sean's 2 am wake-up - I think he had a bad dream and he woke up and couldn't find his Nunu. Once I gave him back his Nunu he was able to get himself back to sleep fairly quickly. I didn't hear another peep out of him. I was also able to get Mack back to sleep right after having a bottle at his 6 am wake-up.

After waking up we had a late brunch and then I got organized to leave the house for a bit. I took Mack with me and went to go do a postal run. It's really quiet there on Saturdays. If I can, I would totally do my postal runs on Saturdays. There was no one standing in line after me, and no one standing in line before me. When I have many packages to mail, it's really annoying to have people behind you in line cursing you because you're taking too long.

I did some groceries and did a few other quick errands and then headed home. Mack needed to go down for a nap. While Mack napped Jamie's step-uncle & step-aunt came over to drop something off for Jamie and pick something up. They haven't been to our new house yet, (well, new, I guess it's still new, we moved in November 2007), so I gave Jamie's step-aunt a tour of the house and backyard while Jamie talked with his step-uncle. It was a nice visit.

Tonight Jamie & I barbecued souvlaki and had a nice huge salad for supper. After dinner after putting the kids to bed, we watched the hockey game (it's the playoffs for the stanley cup) and after a bit I went into my office to clean up a bit. I also took care of a bit of the never ending laundry. After the hockey game, we watched 2 more episodes of of Damages Season 2. I worked on knitting on my Chevron Scarf, and I am so sure it will be a finished object by tomorrow. By the end of working on it this evening, I now have 71" complete of approximately 77.5 inches. My goal of finishing it off by tomorrow is totally obtainable.

Today I managed to plant (I kept forgetting to do it) my Basil (Cinnamon) and Parsley. I'm doing it in my windowsill and I'm hoping it works! We'll see what comes of it! I also want to plant Chives and Oregano but I need to do buy some more windowsill pots and I need to find Oregano seeds. I have Chives seeds, those are here already. Anyone know where I can find Oregano seeds? I've honestly never seen them and I've been looking around. Maybe I am not looking in the right places?

My goal weight is 155 pounds. DO YOU SEE THAT ON THE SCALE???!! Though, there is a 2.8 lbs discrepancy from my scale and the scale at the nutritionist's office. I am always 2.8 lbs more on her scale. (DAMN IT!) So I need to be 152.2 lbs on my scale to be 155 on their scale. (Which is why I do not like their scale anymore, LOL!) Though, I am totally 100% happy with what my scale says, I still need to hit 155 on their scale. I do hope that once I reach my goal and I am in the 6 week stabilization period, that I do lose a bit more. My nutritionist says that it is totally possible that I will lose a few more pounds when I am in trying to stabilize my weight. She mentioned that some people lose 2 more pounds and some people lose even 5 pounds during the 6 week period. If I can get down to 150 lbs on their scale (148.2 on my scale - though I'm totally okay with hitting 145 lbs on my scale too - if it's even possible), I would totally be okay with that too. But honestly, if I don't - I'm totally happy where I am now. I am back in a medium and feeling great! (I do want to tone certain areas of my body though... but I am not allowed to use weights until I reach my goal weight - but that is not far off!) (For my height I believe I should be somewhere between 135-145 lbs - though after 2 kids I don't know if 135-145 lbs is possible for me, but I am not ruling it out!)

Today it really hit me that there isn't enough hours in a day. Just so much that I want to accomplish, but so little time. I am a list writer, so there is always an ongoing list of things I need to do or that I want to do. Whether it be for work, for the kids, for the house, for myself, there is just always a lot of things to do, some more important than others.

I'll leave you today with Sean's new quote. Cracks me up every single time he says it. I'll ask him anything. For example, "Would you like more juice Sean?" He'll respond: "Sean is fine, no thank you". Cute stuff.


Amelah said...

OMG! You weigh LESS then me!!! NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But Congrats!! xox

g-girl said...

congratulations!!! :)

Tara said...

In my case, the scale at the gym says I weigh less than my scale at home, so clearly, the scale at home is WRONG! lol