Saturday, May 09, 2009

may nine

This morning I got to sleep in after both boys got up. Sean was up at 5 am and asked to come into my bed. So I changed him, and brought him into my bed. Mack got up maybe half an hour later, and I gave him a bottle and after that he went back to bed. Luckily when they both got up again, Jamie took them both to the playroom allowing me to sleep in. Thank heavens for teamwork!

This morning I had a low (since a long time) on the scale. According to my scale I have only 4.4 lbs to go to reach my goal, though, I know that at the nutritionist's office, their scale is about 2.8 lbs more than my scale... but still... that's still good! Getting there! So close. Though, I just want to be there already.

Today I worked on Mack's birthday invitations, as I need to get them in the mail as soon as possible. I am aiming to get them in the mail by the end of the weekend, if that's possible at all. I'm writing them out on these cute cards that come with thank you cards as a set, and I have to type out a sheet with directions to the place the party is being held, plus include the information for people coming with kids to be there before the entertainment starts (yes, we hired entertainment for the kids!) so it's quite some work writing out about 60 invites!

Today I did some cleaning in my bedroom, though it seems to never stay cleaned. Our bedroom is one of the places the kids play in the morning, and there are toys everywhere (as well as piles of clothes that don't end up getting put away before I wear them.... which I need to change and organized better). I was folding Sean's 24 month sleepers and putting them away because he no longer fits into them, and my baby is no longer in sleepers with feet. He's a big boy now, and wearing big boy pj's. It's kinda sad. I put them into a box into Mack's closet because eventually he'll fit into 24 month sleepers (though I'm sure it'll be a while, because he's still wearing 9 month stuff or 6-12 month size depending on the company) but I can't believe that Sean no longer fits into his sleepers. He's a tall growing boy!

While Mack napped I walked over to my neighbors house with Sean and picked up my mother's mother's day gift. My neighbor makes some pretty cool things, so we had a plaque made for her with everyone in the family. We thought it was super cute. There is room for my brother & sister's families to grow on this plaque, which is nice. (Providing this lady doesn't go out of business and we can still buy pieces to add once they extend their families of course). I cannot wait to give it to my mom tomorrow with the rest of her gift!

Mr. Mack has his 5th tooth cutting (very crookedly I must add). He's been a tad cranky because of this today, but still his cute adorable self.

While I was doing some stuff in the kitchen Mack entertained himself in a box. Ah, the simple life. This kid is seriously amused by the simple stuff in life.

Jamie's baseball game got canceled this afternoon, even though the weather wasn't that bad at all. It was threatening of rain, but I don't think it was even close to raining when he got to the field. Yeah, he actually drove out there to call me to check the softball website, to discover that the game was canceled. (He plays in the city, so this was a half hour or so drive!) What a bummer. So instead he did groceries and got what we needed for dinner as we had dinner guests this evening. Jamie's best friend and his girlfriend came over for a late dinner. (I was not impressed at the time they showed up for dinner, they should have been over an hour earlier). Eating late is not good for me and weight loss. The later you eat the more it sits on you over night and doesn't digest properly. Not cool. Next time if they show up late, I'm eating without them.

So because of their late arrival, both boys went to bed late. I hope they sleep in tomorrow, though, not too late as we're going out for brunch with Jamie's dad and step-mother.

Now that our guests have left I really should go wrap all the mother's day gifts for tomorrow.


Bea said...

Love the gift for your mom. So cute!

Craftlover said...

Yeah. KIDS LIKE BOXES! I don't know why ... Erika did the same thing, she loves to sit inside the box, go in and out many times, she finds it very amusing. :D hahhaha (I am happy to see that too.)

Amelah said...

I love the way mom's gift turned out :) Yeah us!

I will take that package with Mack in it!

g-girl said...

the family plaque for your mom is cute! :) i'm sure she loved it. how cute is mack in his box??

Tara said...

Aaaw, I miss footie pajamas!