Thursday, May 21, 2009

may twenty-one

This morning I caught Sean "cleaning" Mack's nose with the nasal aspirator. I can tell you that Mack was NOT amused. This scene didn't last too long.

Sean's sporting 2 of my headbands and my sleeping mask (which I don't use, not too sure why I have it in my night table). He likes to wear my things. He'll put them on and then say "Like Mommy". How sweet.

After Mack was done having his nose cleared out by Sean, he was in better spirits.

This morning after dropping Sean off at daycare I ran back home to make muffins for my doctor's nurse who fit me in today for an appointment. I was on a waiting list for 2010, and because my mom went to her appointment on Tuesday, I was able to pass a note to the nurse who likes us, and I was able to get in right away. I wanted to bring some muffins to her.

While waiting for the muffins in the oven, I was talking to a friend online and it's gotten to the point where it's annoying talking to her. Her maternity leave is up now, her son turned 1 already and she's got no job to go back to. I am not sure why she's not going back to her old job, but she's not, and she's asked over and over again if I know of a job for her, or if there is one in my family business, or if there's something she could do to help me out in my online shop. She'll ask me if I want to go into business with her, she comes up with all these ideas, but of course you need money for that. She's always talking about not having a job and needing one, and doesn't want to talk about anything else. I keep trying to change the subject but she won't have it. I hope this phase will just pass, and either she'll find a job (though she has no daycare for her son yet) or she'll stop asking me for a job/to find her a job/if I know of a job... (and she's even a little demanding about the type of job she wants to find, she wants to find something she can work from home, but any company she will get a job with will want her to come in to work most likely and see that's she's actually working the hours, etc...)

Today I went to go visit Kadi whom I hadn't seen in a while for coffee in her neighborhood.

While we were there, we ran into Mona and her baby girl Egg.

Mack was acting all shy because he thinks Egg is cute. Awwww!

I worked on my Queen Anne Lace Scarf while sipping some green tea.

What is really cool about this little café is that they have a doggy bar! Wish I had a dog!

After visiting with Kadi, I stopped by Melanie's house to drop off something at her house. It was lovely to see her pregnant belly (no more kids for me right now, but I miss the pregnant belly!) We chatted for a bit, but I had to go next to pay my bill at the vet hospital before going to my own doctor's appointment this afternoon.

At my doctor's appointment I gave the nurse some blueberry muffins that I made this morning and she loved them. At the end of my appointment I booked my next appointment right away so that I don't have to go onto any waiting list or have issues with getting an appointment when I need one. So happy to get off that waiting list. The appointment I had today I was originally was on a waiting list for 2010. (Early 2010, but still, 2010).

Today between 12 and 5pm Tim Horton's was giving away their new Iced Coffees (don't confuse these with Ice Cappucinos). I am not a coffee drinker, but heck, this drink was delicious. Really! I really enjoyed it. Maybe my taste budds have changed, I don't know?

On my way home from the city, I saw this sign. Does anyone have any ideas of what it might mean? I've never seen any sign like this before.... and this sign where it is, is new... wasn't there the last time I drove down where I was. (Decarie & Paré just before the ramp to go down to the 15).

Late afternoon after I picked up Sean from daycare, Jamie met us at the park near our house.

We had a good time!

And we built some castles!

This evening I realized that my cucumber plants really need the weather to warm up. They're growing up my window in the kitchen. I am hoping the nights warm up by the weekend so I can plant this this weekend. I really don't want to have the weather kill my plants, but they need to get into the earth already.

I've realized that I do not have shorts for Mack. I went to go get him shorts to wear to the park, and he has none. I'm going to have to get him some. Though, I'm wondering, since Mack's tiny and has no waist, I think I may be able to get Mack into Sean's 6 month size shorts. (Sean was 6 months in the summer, while Mack will be 12 months old in the summer. Sean was chunky though at 6 months, but Mack at 12 months might just fit into those 6 month shorts. I'm going to have to dig them out of storage).

Mack now claps! It's super cute. Can't get him to wave, but he claps. It's so cute. When he gets all excited, he starts clapping. Too cute.

The next paragraph is not for the weak minded.... or basically, if you're not a mother or a babysitter and can't handle this kind of baby talk.... move on to the paragraph after this next one.

This evening while bathing the boys (they get baths together now - so much easier), I was in the bedroom folding some laundry, and all I hear was "Robyn get here now"... Mack had pooped in the tub! Oh my. Honestly, it wasn't that bad, as it was an easy clean up, but the kids still needed to get washed, so we had to drain the tub, and then refill it. (Sean once had a really upset stomach in the tub when we just moved into this house (pre-Mack), what a disaster that was. When it ain't exactly solid, well, it's not easily to clean up. I'm just glad that tonight's accident was at least an easy clean up. I don't even think that Mack realized what he'd done. He's still too young to understand that you don't poop in the tub!

Tonight after the boys were in bed, Jamie and I watched some more Survivor (we're trying to catch up on some shows that we have on our PVR) and I worked on my crochet scarf, and officially have ran out of yarn. So I did a search on Ravelry and found one girl who has some remainders from a project she was working on, and hopefully it'll be enough to finish my scarf. I was able to get 27 motifs on my scarf from a full 80g ball of Paton's SWS yarn. (I'm using the Natural Violet colorway). I'm hoping that the 50g leftovers will be enough. The ball I had was a gift from Madeleine, and it was a lonely skein. I think the only place for me to get some more would be Michaels, I've never seen it anywhere else before. Maybe there are some other stores that have it, I'll have to look into it. Though, first, I'll see how far the 50g leftovers get me once I receive it in the mail.


Joanna said...

If the sign is by an intersection, I believe it's letting drivers know that there is a red light camera there to take pictures of any cars running the red.

Robyn (robngord at cogeco dot ca) said...

Hi Robyn - can you believe our boys will be 1 in two weeks? This past year has flown by! I think the new sign is a red light camera. Was it at a busy intersection? As for the yarn - I have 2 Michaels close by and could look for the SWS and pop it in the mail if you like - let me know! Robyn in ON

Sarah B. said...

Is it a red light camera? We have them down here and they are annoying, I got a ticket for making a right on red even though it's supposedly legal at that intersection.

Jules said...

The sign is for the new photo radar cameras they have - so if you go through a red light, it will snap your photo and send you a ticket by mail - hope you didn't burn the light!

pahkcah02 said...

The sign in French seems to indicate that red light cameras are in use. Basically if you blow through a red light the camera will snap a picture and they'll mail you a ticket. Truly annoying but I suppose it prevents accidents.

Glad that you enjoyed the iced coffee :). Just remember, though, iced coffee is a total gateway drug to harder drinks (eg: hot coffee).

Kimber said...

yes, red light camera - hope you didn't get a flash when you drove by! They are all over the place around here. We don't get a sign to warn us though you just have to look out for the boxes at the intersection. Ours are even going to start going off if you run a yellow (that's what I heard on the news).... sigh

window dressing said...

I have to say that the first picture is very funny. Mack's expression is priceless....You never know that you don't have a future dr. on your hands. Love the pics and stories of the kids. They are adorable. Both of them are very photogenic.
Btw, 2010!!!!!That's long to wait.

Bea said...

Egg is really cute. I don't blame Mack for being a little shy.

The sign is for a red light camera, but I see you've already been told that. Turning on red without stopping probably will get you as well (at least it did me. I didn't know this until I got one and couldn't talk my way out of it.) Also just running through the light will get you a ticket. Here it costs less then the ticket you get if the cop actually stops you.

Amelah said...

that sucks about the friend. i get friends who ever time they have a computer problem call me up and tell me what their pc is doing! Like i am not a technician, i have no idea!!! Gotta love friends sometimes.

I think the sign is, camera red light, so if u go through the red light it will snap a pick of ur license plate and mail it to ya. I heard that they were going to start doing that here.

Where is the doggie bar? maybe i will take Harley one day! :)

Poop in the tub??? Ewwwwwwwwww!

Heddy said...

they sell SWS at our local yarn shop - the ball & Skein in Liverpool, Nova Scotia - if you are desperate, they might have your colour and send it to you?


Anonymous said...

I was going to comment on the red light sign but everyone beat me to it! Aren't the iced coffees good? Thing tastes just like the Iced Caps, but you get less than half the drink 'cus it's all ice. At least with the ICs you have all the slush to drink!

dawn said...

Love the pictures of the boys at the park. So freakin adorable!

Tara said...

Funny how you never think about stuff like that ("bath incidents") when you're considering having children, eh? But it happens to every kid, sooner or later.

g-girl said...

I agree with Joanna about the new sign that you noticed. love all the shots of mackie! sean is funny with your headbands and sleeping mask. he kind of looks like a little doctor while he's trying to clean out mackie's nose! hope the remainder of the sws is enough to finish off your scarf.