Saturday, May 16, 2009

may sixteen

Mack got up last night at 11:45 pm and after having a bottle went back to sleep, though I heard him tossing in his crib for a while. Then he was up at 4:55 am again. I'm blaming it on his runny nose. After his 4:55 am wake up, I was able to get him back to sleep again (after another bottle) until 9:30 am.

This morning I did a huge clean up in the kitchen. I don't even know how things get to be so messy in my house, but then again, I do have 2 young kids. So I guess anything's possible.

My sister came over late morning with her dog Harley. I was supposed to start some gardening today, but alas the weather wasn't allowing me to do so. We got all ready to go outside in the backyard for Sean to run around with Harley, and for me to start some weeding in the vegetable garden area, and as we stepped to the back door.... it starts to rain. Bummer!

Amy's friend Julie came over for a bit too. She wanted to order some yarn from the shop for a Chevron Scarf. She got 2 colors of Colinette Jitterbug that will look fabulous together as well as some Malabrigo Worsted in a pink for the Amanda Hat. Great choices!

By 2:15 pm, Sherrie showed up from her journey from Boston, MA. She has to be in Burlington, VT on Monday so she figured she'd come spend the weekend Chez Nous first. Burlington is closer to us than it is to her, so I'm happy she came in for the weekend.

I was able to get both kids to nap at the same time today, so Sherrie & I chilled on the couch, watched some Oprah (thanks again to my trusty PVR) and had a little snooze ourselves on the couch.

After feeding the kids supper, I dropped them off at my parents house for the night. They're sleeping over there tonight. It's the first time that they're both sleeping over there. If all goes well, maybe they can sleep there again (both of them!) in the future. Crossing my fingers that all goes well.

These pictures are curtosey of my sister. She took them while she was over today visiting.

I love this one of Harley kissing Sean!

It's super hard to get a picture of both kids looking, but this one is almost perfect! I love it!

After dropping off the kids I came back home to get ready. We went to Madison's for dinner, and I had an absolutely wonderful Red Snapper plate. I've never had Red Snapper, and it's a wonderfully light white fish. I definitely enjoyed my plate. I would most definitely eat that fish again. I really enjoyed it. I also realized that I am NOT a fan of Rapini (a type of broccoli). It's just not for my taste. It came with my meal so I thought I'd try it out.

After dinner we went to go see the movie Wolverine. Ahh! 2 hours almost of Hugh Jackson. What a good movie. I really enjoyed it. You do not have to be a comic book fan/reader to like this movie. I'm not 100% a comic book lover (though I do subscribe to the HandKnit Heroes Comics - for the knitter in me!) but, I was never into superhero comics.

Off to go enjoy the rest of my evening sans kids! And with a good friend!


Cetta said...

Gosh - that last photo makes Mack look so BIG! Time flies, doesn't it?

Bea said...

Gosh your boys are cute. I love that last photo!

Tara said...

I love rapini! I never get to eat it though, Phil and the kids hate it.

g-girl said...

Amy's got a knitter friend? :) cute! that was nice that you got to spend time with Sherrie. Hope the sleepover for the boys was a success! love the pic of sean and mackie! :)