Thursday, May 14, 2009

may fourteen

This morning I got to sleep in after Sean got up at 5 am and only wanted to go back to sleep in my bed. So I gave in, and cuddled with him in my bed. Since we both overslept as Mack slept in (or we would have gotten up), I had to keep Sean home from daycare today. There was no way it was fair for Sean to go to daycare and not nap at nap time. It's not fair for me to do that to his teachers. He slept in way too much to be able to fall asleep again at the same time that all the other kids have nap time, because there wasn't enough time between him getting up and nap time at daycare.

My mother came over for a bit this morning to play with the boys in the playroom while I did some cleaning up around the house. Also, I wanted to tackle a little bit of the laundry that never ends. There is just no end in sight. I never see an end to the laundry.

Late morning we headed to Madeleine's for lunch. I met a very pregnant Melanie there. It started to pour as soon as we got out of the car, but luckily our parking spot wasn't too far off from Madeleine's front door. I got to finally meet Madeleine's husband. We had a nice lunch, and Sean rearranged the furniture in Madeleine's living room (Sorry again Mad!) Thanks again for having us over (especially me, with both kids!)

Mack was in a pretty good mood considering that he had no morning nap this morning. I can't believe he didn't even fall asleep on the way to Madeleine's house.

On the way home though, that was another story. One minute Sean was awake....

The next minute he was asleep.

One minute Mack was awake.

The next minute he was sound asleep.

Like clockwork they both fell asleep within seconds of being in the car on the way home.

And of course I got stuck in NASTY traffic, bumper to bumper, so I worked a bit on a design of my own that I've been working on (hence why the photo is in black & white). If the kids were awake, I would have hated being stuck in traffic.

I thought the name on this truck was SUPER awesome.

Upon getting in, both boys continued their naps. I got around to calling the vet to let them know about our decision about the "disposal" of our cat, which was all Jamie's decision, since Jazz was his cat before he became my cat too. We just decided though, to let the vet take care of the cat, however they do it. To keep an urn of ashes and risk the kids getting to it and knocking it over isn't an option. We both had no interest in burying him in our backyard (for an animal to possibly dig it up?) And pet cemetery was not in the budget right now (it's beyond expensive).

This evening Jamie and I caught up on Lost. After we were done Lost, I watched the 2 hour Grey's Anatomy finale from tonight while knitting on the new design I've been working on. Making some progress!

Jamie and I talked about it again, and we decided that we will not be getting a new cat right now. We decided it's not really fair to bring in a new cat now that Zeus is getting older and is still wondering where his friend Jazz went. I'm not really sure how Zeus would react if we brought in a new cat, but for now, we don't want to take the chance. Maybe in the future, but not right now.

Does anyone know how I can properly wash my crocs? I've ran them twice through the washing machine, and they are still really dirty. Maybe the dishwasher is a better idea? Has anyone tried the dishwasher to wash crocs, or maybe there is a better way? Any ideas/suggestions would be great!


Kerry said...

Top rack of the dishwasher for the Crocs works like a charm. You can also get Croc Butter (or at least you could, we've had ours for quite some time) that you rub on them after washing that keeps them looking like new.

Bea said...

I've been thinking about scrubbing mine with a rough sponge but hadn't actually gotten around to trying anything yet. The boys are really cute asleep in the backseat.

Anonymous said...

I bet a magic eraser (those cleaning sponges from Mr. Clean) would do wonders.

Tara said...

Dishwasher for the Crocs, absolutely. Works great! I wish my kids were snugglers in bed. They just want to talk and play, they never go back to sleep!

g-girl said...

it sounds like a great decision to wait on getting a new cat. hope you were able to figure out how to wash your crocs! kids are lucky in that they can fall asleep the second they're in a car!