Saturday, May 23, 2009

may twenty-three

Today we spent the entire afternoon into early evening in the garden. I had plants that had to go into the ground today or they wouldn't make it very long inside anymore. Though, there was a lot of work to before I could even plant. Luckily I weeded yesterday, so we were able to get right into the real labor work. While Mack started his nap (and gave us a good 3 hours before he got up today), we had to turn the earth. This loosens up the ground for planting, and we had to mix in fertilizer.

Sean was a really good help!

Here is two views (above and below) of the garden and what I planted today. It took me until almost 6pm to finish planting. As you can see Jamie put down stones (that my parents were getting rid of from their backyard) so we graciously took them and put them to use. Don't you think they look nice as a walkway in the middle of the vegetable garden?

Here's what I planted.... Lettuce (Boston, Romaine, Simpson Elite & Pomme Head. Last year we had all but Pomme Head. This is a new one, so I'll let you know what I think of it!) Cucumbers (a few different types, if they survive that weather we're supposed to get over the next week. Straight Eight, Organic Muncher, Marketmore & Wisconsin). Zucchini. Tomatoes (Fantastic, Red Robin, Cherry, Beefsteak, Sweet 100). Cauliflower (9 heads). Beans (2 rows of seeds). Red Peppers. 2 kinds of Green Peppers (Bell Boy & California Wonder). Can't wait to see my garden grow!

My in-laws (father-in-law & step-mother-in-law) came over for dinner tonight. They usually come over Friday nights for dinner, but the were away last Friday night, and got back last night, so they came tonight for dinner since we really didn't have any plans. We BBQ'ed. Mmm! I love BBQ! I can eat zucchini on the BBQ all summer long. (Hence why I planted a few zucchini plants in my garden this year!) (Last year I planted only 1 zucchini plant, and everyone told me that I would have zucchini's coming out of my bum... yeah right! I wish I had more last year!)

Look! It fits her! Perfect! Phew!

And she really likes it!

I hope she wears it well!

This evening we were going to play Chicken Foot with my in-laws, however, we were all really tired. So my in-laws left, and I think that I'm just going to go sit on the couch, knit some, and watch some tv. I have to get up super early tomorrow as we have my cousin's son's 2nd birthday party!


Sarah B. said...

The vest looks great! Your model looks thrilled with the result.

Bea said...

The garden looks great. Can't wait to see what grows for you.

The vest looks good. I hope she wears it often considering the knitting process...

Anonymous said...

Great job with the garden AND the vest! I know how much work you put into the vest...hope she wears it and loves it!

window dressing said...

Thanks, for the kind words you left on my blog. Really appreciate it. I think your garden looks great and very creative idea to put the stones in the centre. I always seem to have trouble when I get in mine because I am ankle deep in fresh earth. Love to see more pictures of it when the veggies start growing. I love garden pictures.
The vest is amazing. There is nothing better than receiving a handmade treasure.

Big Girl Feet said...

Wow your garden looks awesome!!!
I love bbq zucchini too- we had some last night even! Yum! Have you ever tried bbq eggplant? It's yummy too- you just have to slice it fairly thin (like less than 1/2" thick) & marinate in dressing for a while first- delish!

The vest turned out great!!
Happy Friday!!

Living Inspired said...

awesome job on the raised bed!

dawn said...

Your MIL looks great in the vest, and very happy too.

Tara said...

I think the stones in the garden are a great idea, that way you can move around and not get your feet all dirty. The garden is going to be awesome this year!

g-girl said...

wow, the garden is going to be great this year! I can't wait to see it grow either. :) glad she loved her vest. :)