Wednesday, May 20, 2009

may twenty

This morning at the nutritionist's office, I am now down 29.8 lbs. Holy cow, so close to 30 lbs. I feel great. I have more energy, I love this!

It's been pissing rain out all day today, it's so gross outside. While out at the nutritionist's office, I went to the dollar store nearby and ran into Eugenie there. It's always nice to run into people during your day. She got to see Mack, so she was happy. I don't bring him knitting anymore, so everyone misses him at knit night.

My sister got me another pattern today as part of my birthday present. I got the B-side Cardigan by Laura Chau (another pattern on my want list). Thank you Amy! I love Laura Chau's patterns, she's got some great stuff.

Mack took a really nice nap today, so I sat down on the couch, caught up on a few episodes of CSI (Las Vegas), which I'm still behind a few episodes and did some work. I also did a lot of laundry folding today too. Gosh, will the laundry ever end?? I really don't see an end in sight.

Late afternoon I picked up Sean from daycare after Mack got up from his nap, and I fed Mack as soon as I got back. On Wednesday nights when I go knitting, I take care of feeding Mack before I leave, and Sean eats dinner with Jamie after I leave.

Tonight I went to Knit/Crochet knit and laerned how to read a crochet pattern. I started the Queen Anne's Lace Scarf tonight. To be honest, I wasn't sure what I would think of crochet, but I enjoyed working on it, and hope that I have enough yarn!

Aren't the colors beautiful? It's Paton's SWS in Natural Violet. This skein was a gift from Madeleine. I just love how the motifs keep changing colors.

Here is the progress so far on my scarf. I have 13 motifs done.

Tonight at Knit/Crochet night we were a nice size group. Always have a good time.

Amy & I with our crochet projects.

I can't wait to work some more on this scarf tomorrow. Easy & fun!


MLJ1954 said...

Congrats on the weight loss.

Love the scarf and have added it to my "to do" on Ravelry.

Sarah B. said...

I'm glad you like crochet, it really it more of an instant gratification hobby!

Anonymous said...

Oo, I love that colorway! is that the whole skein in the picture? Glad that you love to crochet.

jane said...

The scarf looks great!

ruthee... said...

Yes - congratulations on the weight loss. The increased energy is such a bonus that oftentimes *that* is what keeps me motivated.

And the scarf....I have worked up two of them and LOVE them. Great easy pattern.

Anonymous said...

Wow- 0.2 lbs to go! Way to go!

That scarf looks gorgeous, I was thinking the same thing you wrote- I love how the colors worked out so that each section changes color, plus the colors themselves are stunning. It's going to be beautiful!

Bea said...

Cute scarf! Congrats on almost 30 pounds!

Amelah said...

Loving the scarf too !

It was fun learning to crochet! :)

Your welcome for one of the many patterns!!

Living Inspired said...

I love it! and you look fantastic, btw!!

Tara said...

Hey, the scarf look great! Good for you, learning to crochet. I really enjoy it once in a while, I often find I get my knitting mojo back after a crochet project.

g-girl said...

wow, you're crocheting! that's awesome. your scarf looks beautiful too!