Sunday, May 17, 2009

may seventeen :: 11 months old & 124 weeks old

Sean is 124 weeks old today.

And Mr. Mack is 11 months old today!

Also, my cousin Jenn's son Jakob turns 2 today. Happy 2nd Birthday Jakob!

Since both kids successfully slept at my parents house last night, Sherrie and I both got to sleep in today until 10:30 am. Let me tell you, I have not had that great of an uninterrupted sleep in forever. It felt great. And Sherrie, who has been not sleeping well at home, had a fantastic nights sleep on a folding futon mattress that we borrowed from my mother (these futons rock! I brought them (my mom has 2 of them) with us (my sister and I) when we went to Toronto) and countless friends have used them to crash by us. They just rock). We both felt great waking up! No complaints! We didn't even get up when Jamie left to go golf with a friend, I didn't even hear him leave. (Actually, the only time I heard him was shortly after 6 am when he jumped out of bed freaked out thinking he'd missed his golf day, since we had a power failure and the clock in the bedroom was flashing. Though, I fell back asleep right away, only realizing after I got up for the day that we did have a power failure and I wasn't dreaming it.

It was so nice to take a shower and eat breakfast at me leisure, instead of trying to rush a shower and eat a bite here and there while keeping the kids from not killing each other.

After eating some breakfast we headed out to Costco as I had a few things to pick up. (Milk, Juice, Diapers). Upon seeing the new price of diapers, I stocked up. Hoping they keep this as the new (low!) price, but it was an incredible deal. Mack is in size 3 and Sean is in size 5. Size 3's you get 224 and size 5's you get 176. Those sizes are both the same price at Costco for 48.99$ usually. The new price was 36.99$. 12$ off? For real? That's HUGE savings. So I bought Sean 2 boxes and Mack just 1, because I knew I still had a ton of Mack diapers at home and though he's quite not ready for size 4 anytime soon, I didn't want to end up stuck with more diapers than I needed.

After Costco I picked up the kids and picked up some bagels and headed home for lunch. After lunch the boys took another nice long nap at the same time, (I thank my mother for coordinating their wake-ups, etc, so that they would both nap at the same time), and Sherrie and I chilled and watched some more TV. It's just what we needed anyhow, a nice relaxing weekend.

Sherrie brought me as a gift a bottle of wine. I love the name of it... "Mommy's time out". I certainly need a time out from time to time! And what a better way to enjoy it - with a glass of wine!

According to Sherrie, an exchange with a 2 year old goes something like this:
Sean: "Go Habs Go!"
Robyn: "Sean, Montreal isn't playing hockey anymore"
Sean (perplexed by this news): "Ottawa?"

Sherrie was trying to teach Sean to say "BOSTON BRUINS"... however I put my foot down. No one shall say that name in this household! Never! She can teach him "Red Sox" if she must, we aren't partial to any baseball team. Not since the Expos left.

This evening we barbequed Chicken Souvlaki and it was delicious! Made some salad and it was a very yummy meal! Tasty! I love summer. And I love BBQ! Anything on the BBQ is fabulous to me!

This evening my sister came over to my house to watch Desperate Housewives and Extreme Makeover with us. I needed her help as my computer (laptop) is corrupted and we had to do a windows recovery. She knows how to do these things, so after I did a MASSIVE backup (took hours, I'm serious), to make sure I had all my files saved that I needed (I lost a little bit in the mix, but it's not the end of the world), she got my computer "back to factory settings" when Desperate Housewives was finished. (It was a 2 hour finale tonight). I'm just so happy my computer is fixed now, and I don't have to take it in tomorrow. Thank you Amy! You rock! Thank you Sherrie too, for googling things I needed to find out during the recovery! (And for calming me down from my freak-out that my computer was corrupt!) I HATE COMPUTERS! (But love them still too). Ugh!

While my compture was being recovered and we watched Desperate Housewives (which was really good by the way!) I worked on my Chevron Scarf. I picked up that project again yesterday when Julie was over, because she wants to make one, and I was showing her how to knit in front and back of one stitch. I want to finish my scarf already, it's been on the needles since July 6th, 2007. It's about time, eh? Hopefully I can get it done soon, and get other WIP's done as well, before starting anything else new.


Amelah said...

Your Welcome :) Pays to have a smart sister eh?

Bea said...

I cannot even imagine sleeping that late. Wanting(!) to sleep that late even. Wow.

Tara said...

Wow, sleeping in until 10:30. The mind boggles, I tell you.

g-girl said...

it sounds as though you might get used to the idea of getting to sleep in until 10:30--at least once in a while when the boys are sleeping over @ your parents'! :) gosh, can't believe your computer did that. you're SO lucky that Amy was able to fix it!