Thursday, May 07, 2009

may seven

After getting to sleep in a bit this morning, I had my two cuties in my bed this morning. I love cuddling with my little men, they're so squishy and loveable.

And after everyone was dressed and I was finishing up in the bathroom (washing my face, brushing my teeth, cleaning my glasses, applying deoderant, etc), I came out of the bathroom to see my boys like this. How cute, I thought....!

Until Mack wanted to get up, and Sean wanted him to stay down. So Sean used force. Not good when he's almost double his brother's weight.

When I droped off Sean at daycare this morning, they had no power. Apparently there was no issue. They were open during the ice storm with no power. Hmm, interesting! They made do without the power and just played with puzzles and looked at books around the main classroom table. They were expecting the power back on in about half an hour, after it had been off already for an hour and a half.

Next stop was to my hair appointment! I'd dropped off Mack at my parents house before bringing Sean to daycare so I had some me time. I had booked this appointment on Tuesday, as I started feeling like my hair was too long and all I was doing was throwing it up in a ponytail most of the time, so it was time for the summer to chop it off. What do you think??

I think it's cute, but I like what she did last time over this time. The next time I go, I'm bringing the picture from my haircut before this one. I guess you can't always get the same thing twice when it comes to hair... or can you?? Have you ever tried to do the same thing twice and it come out the same way as the first time you liked it?? Is it possible even with the best of hairdressers?

Today I replanted some seeds (zucchini and sweetie tomatoes). The first plants I planted died. I am not sure what happened, but I've had bad luck with some of the plants on my windowsill. I'm not sure if it's the way the sun is coming into some of the windows, or what... but some of the plants were not living. I guess they can't all survive.

I got some cute mail today from my nephew and sister-in-law. My sister-in-law drew me a card, and my nephew colored a page out of his coloring book. That was so sweet of them. It's for mother's day. It made my day.

This afternoon we stopped by my dad's store to visit my sister at work. Mack decided he wanted to take over as store manager. Doesn't he look so handsome in the manager's chair?

And then he decided he wanted to check out Papa's office (Papa is my dad), and I think Mack likes being the big boss. Look out employee's! Mack's taking over!

Did you know that Mcdonald's has a 5g of fat Chicken Fajita's. This is great for someone who is looking to lose weight. You can get 2 Fajita's with a salad as a trio, it's pretty damn good. I approve.

This afternoon I spent quite some time at a local photo lab and as they were having a .10¢ print sale. It took me forever to do my order as I had to cut down my or into a few orders as apparently the girl couldn't run more than 100 photos at a time through the machine. What annoyance. I wanted to make sure that I got all my recent prints done as well as the prints from the studio session we did last week, I wanted prints to frame for mother's day this weekend.

I picked up Sean from daycare on our way home, and he had a super time at the magic show that they had at daycare today. Blair the Magician came in, and for the first 5 minutes Sean was afraid. But after 5 minutes he lightened up and even was the guy's assistant for one of his tricks. Sean asked me if Blair could come to his birthday party, so we'll see when the time gets closer.

When we got home, I found Sean like this. With his couch on top of the den couch. Funny kid. As his shirt reads "I am Trouble"... sometimes that suits him!

Tonight we ordered Scores for dinner, and I was able to check a chicken brochette with a salad. It was actually not bad. Some days I just don't feel like cooking. I'm allowed.

This evening Jamie & I just did our own thing for a bit. He played video games on his computer and I did a bit of exercise on the Wii Fit and then I did Hip Hop Abs. I'm hoping the exercise that I'm trying to fit in, is helping. It's sooooo hard to fit exercise into my daily routine/schedule with 2 young kids. There is just so much to do while Mack naps during the day, and I'm just so pooped after the kids go to sleep at night. Tonight I mustered up some energy.

I just finished watching Grey's Anatomy and I'm about to watch Ugly Betty from tonight. Maybe I'll pick up my knitting...!


Bea said...

Yes you can get your hair cut the exact same way more each and every time and like it just as much.

Anonymous said...

Great haircut! :)

g-girl said...

how cute are they! love the new cut. :) i've had that same experience so I don't even try anymore. :P i love sean's shirt!!

Amelah said...

Hair cut looks good! Then again, it always look amazing coming home from the appointment!

Boys are too cute in your bed! Sean is sucha good older brother!!!

Mack could totally be CEO one day! Who knows!!! They are the future!

Tara said...

The new hair cut looks great! I'm the same way, you know. When I start to want to put it up in a ponytail, I know it's time for a cut!