Friday, May 29, 2009

may twenty-nine

This morning I snuck my mom into the house so she could stay here while Mack slept so I could take Sean to daycare and go to the nutritionist. I put Sean in the car, and my mom waited outside in front of our house in my dad's car, until I pulled out of the driveway, and then she went into my house until I got home. I did NOT want Sean to see my mother, as I didn't want him to freak out that he was going to daycare and didn't get to see her. I dealt with that the other day, and it wasn't pretty. So I opted for sneaking her into my house!

At the nutritionist I am down 30 and a half lbs. Slowly... it's coming off. It's also a bit of a "bloated" time for me right now, and that affects my weight totally. Some months it affects it by 2 lbs, sometimes 4 lbs and sometimes not at all. Hopefully I'll see a difference after I'm no longer bloated next week. Today was my "goal date" to have lost the 35 lbs, but since I am bloated, it got extended. I am sure I will reach that goal date very soon. I have faith!

I did a post office run before going home and got that taken care of. When there is lots of mail to go out - I feel so much better once it's not all over my office anymore, and on it's way to my customers. Sometimes there's just a lot of mail! The post office here knows me very well and knows how I like to ship things, which is good, so they don't even ask anymore when I go. I like that kind of service. Though, they were upset that I didn't have Mack with me - they love to see him!

When I got home my mother & I sat down for a bit to figure out the menu for Mack's first birthday party, which is coming up in just over 2 weeks. I'm going to be in charge of making a pasta salad (my aunt's recipe, which is yummy!), an apple cake and cupcakes for the kids. I still have the Elmo edible faces from December when I got them for Sean's birthday party, and never got around to using them for the 4 kids that came to his party due to the storm. I now have a beautiful cupcake stand that I finally got and want to use it! I have a list of stuff that I have to talk to my step-mother-in-law about making as well, she's the true baker in the family! She's making Mack's birthday cake. I just need to figure out if I want to put anything on the cake. For Sean's 2nd birthday there was no question about it - it was Elmo all the way. But, for Mack, he's not really into anything yet. So maybe I'll just keep it simple and get some cute candles.

I bought Knit Simple Holiday 2006 on Ravelry off of someone since I was looking for the Arrowhead Scarf pattern by Iris Schreier. It's a damn neat pattern! I hope to have some time soon to make one! I got the issue in the mail today.

I got Mack to take another really nice nap today and did a lot of work again. Things have been busy around here lately. Today is actually my last day of maternity leave, and next week I start back at the office. I will be working part time in the office (and following up on things from home). I think it'll be a perfect balance. And since Mack won't be able to start at Sean's daycare until he's 18 months old (the youngest they accept is 18 months), my mom will be taking Mack while I'm at the office. I will make sure he's all tired out so that he naps while he's there. While Mack napped today I prepared another huge mailing for the post office for tomorrow. I've been on a roll with getting things accomplished.

Mack cut his 6th and 7th tooth either last night or this morning. He woke up with the upper 2 teeth (next to the middle ones) poking through the gums. There is also a white hole in his gums on the bottom, for his 8th tooth to come in (He already has 3 on the bottom). I'm really hoping that once his 8th tooth cuts, he calms down a bit. He's been a tad cranky lately. But I'm sure it's attributed to his teeth cutting, for sure.

I really felt like today flew by. When I looked at the clock and it was 5pm already and I had to leave to go get Sean from daycare... I was just shocked. I really have no idea where the time goes. Flies by way too quickly for my liking.

For dinner tonight Jamie ordered in BBQ Chicken for him & Sean (and Mack too!) and I just made some fish and a huge salad for myself. Usually Friday nights my father-in-law and step-mother-in-law come for dinner. However my FIL has a cold and doesn't want to get the kids sick. Totally understandable.

I don't know how, but I screwed up my printer today. I hope it's fixable. I was printing a whole bunch of sheets and halfway through a paper got stuck. So I pulled out the stuck paper. Usually that's all it takes. I am certain I got the entire sheet out. I was able to piece it back together in "full". However, my printer still thinks that there is a paper stuck in there and won't work now. I'm going to bring it into work on Tuesday when I start back, and see if someone can take a look at it. If not, I'll see if I can RMA it. (Return Merchandise). That's the job I will be going to be doing next week when I start back. I'll be at our store just off the island of Montreal. Jamie and I both own it, but he runs it. I am going to do work in the office, behind the scenes.

I think some of the rain we've been having this week killed some of my cucumber plants and maybe my zucchini. I really hope they make it! I'm so upset. If they die, it's not the end of the world, I'll just got to the local greenhouse and pick up some started plants, so that I don't have to wait and lose 2 months worth of growing plants. But still, it blows this weather we've been having.

This evening after the kids were in bed, we put on Damages. We're so close to finishing up the season. I got to work some more on my Chevron Scarf and as of tonight I have 66 inches of the scarf complete. It's coming along! I should definitely be able to finish it before the weekend (and the month) is over!

I leave you tonight with some nice colorful pictures. I picked up some scarves and this is the way they came! Aren't they neat all twisted up?

Happy Friday!


Bea said...

Here I am staring at these scarves going what in the world are those?

g-girl said...

cute that you snuck your mom into your house so sean wouldn't see her! ;) that's nice that your mom will take mack while you're @ work. :) hope your printer is okay by now. oh no..sorry to hear that some of your cucumber and zucchini may have been lost to the rain. :(

Tara said...

Can you believe I didn't get to have any cake or cupcakes or ANY baked yummy deliciousness of any kind at Mack's birthday party? Sob!!!