Wednesday, May 27, 2009

may twenty-seven

Today I picked up my mother and then dropped Sean off at daycare. I don't know what was easier. Having my mom in the car so I could leave Mack in the car while I brought Sean in (Since Mack's not walking yet, I have to bring Mack in with me by carrying him, and it gives me one less hand to get Sean out of his sweater or even jacket if it's a chilly day) and I can't put Mack down because he's fast and crawls off. So because I had my mother in the car this morning to drop off Sean, Sean threw a fit at daycare because he didn't want to go, he wanted to go with out with us today. Maybe it would have been easier to drop off Sean before picking up my mother, so he wouldn't have thrown this fit, and just struggled with one less hand (Oh I cannot wait for Mack to start walking for instances like this - yet I'm not ready for my baby to walk yet, you know?) but I was going straight to the nutritionist from the daycare since it's right around the corner, and it would have been out of my way to go back and pick up my mother to go back to the nutritionist. This way when I went into the nutritionist this morning, I had my mom in the car, so I could leave Mack in the car again, it's just so much easier.

I'm officially down 30 lbs today! It's a nice round number. 5 more pounds to go.

Today I did some shopping with my mom. She had some errands to do, and I tagged along. Though, we were in luck. While in the Baie, they were having a surprise sale (they do that a lot according to my mother, pro shopper (hee hee)) and ALL bathing suits were on sale for 19.99$ no matter what the price was. I figured I'd check out a few. I am indeed in search of a new bathing suit - I mean, after losing 30 lbs, I don't have one to wear. I ended up getting a gorgeous black bathing suit. Too bad I couldn't find any others that I like, 19.99$ was such a good deal. (Especially since the one I did buy was about 64.99$ originally price). For sales like that at the Baie, they don't advertise it, so you have to be in the right place at the right time. I feel great in my new bathing suit. I was actually checking myself out! I've got a waist again! I actually look decent in a bathing suit. I wish I could get a 2 piece, but unfortunately 2 pregnancies took a toll on my belly and I'm a tad embarrased about my stretch marks. As soon as I'm done losing weight, maybe I'll see if there is anything I could about them? Maybe a firming cream that will help fade them? Does anyone have any advice on that?

We walked around the mall for a bit, and I ended up getting a whole ton of pants and shorts for myself at Old Navy. What's wicked awesome is that I am now a size Medium. I love it. I haven't been in a size Medium in years. Honestly, it feels great to be back in a size like that. And I feel great too. I have more energy to play with my kids, and all that jazz. I find my asthma (which was mild to begin with) doesn't bother me at all anymore (another fantastic reason to lose weight!) I also got Mack some shorts, finally found some in 6-12 months size, as I don't know how long the 6 months shorts that I have from Sean's first summer (he was 6 months in June of 07) and I cannot find 9 month shorts anywhere at all. 9 month shorts would most probably be the best fit. But the 6-12 month ones work. I just need to try them on him to make sure.

We went to the Costco where we were and I found the Yoga Blue capri's I was looking for in the brown/black color. They didn't have them at the Costco by me, and we even had checked their overstock boxes. We found them here, but in the overstock in the size that I wanted. They had plenty of them in other sizes, but they had only ONE pack if them in my size and we had to dig for them. I love these pants, they are so comfortable. Too bad I'm not into Yoga. I just like the style of capri's. I found at this Costco some tshirt/short sleepers for Mack. They're not onesies, but actual sleepers that just are tshirt/shorts. I have never seen these at our Costco by us. And they're by Carter's nonetheless. I love Carter's stuff.

I also checked the Zellers out where we were, they had no SWS either. I think I'm done searching anyhow, because I have yarn on it's way to me, but I was still curious. Someone had told me that their Zellers carries it, but I've checked a few Zellers now, and nothing by me.

My mom had to get something at Walmart, so I walked around and saw that all the beads and a lot of the crafts were on liquidation. Does anyone know if Walmart is getting rid of their crafts department? Or part of it anyhow?

Mack was soooo tired during our excursion that he fell asleep in the car on the way home, while drinking his bottle. He couldn't keep his eyes open any longer.

Tonight I went to knit night with the West Island Knits/Crochet. We went to Dunn's. I really like that restaurant, and they have a perfect round table that is just awesome. We were a small group tonight, and I worked on my Chevron Scarf while there.

Here is the loot I got in the Swap on a Budget that I participated in on Ravelry. I got some blue silk yarn, some natural wool/mohair (that has a bag knitted out of the same stuff)(Too bad I cannot knit with Mohair) and some Knit Picks yarn. Oh and some really cute stitch markers. Thanks Arlene & Roving1 for spoiling me!

While I was out tonight, Jamie told me that Sean came up to him with his Diego Computer Laptop and said "Daddy, Sean check email".... I wish I'd seen that... it's tooooo funny.


Hattie said...

Yay for 30 pounds! What are you doing to lose weight? I'm not fitting my clothes these days, trying to count calories. All my suits are two piece but I only wear them at home in private because of my stretch marks too. I need to get a nice one piece...haven't found one yet. :)

Bea said...

I got lost in all the shopping stuff but I love the picture of Mack.

g-girl said...

gosh 30 lbs?? really?? that's fantastic! well, you're in need of new everything now. :) how exciting!

Tara said...

Apparently Palmer's Cocoa Butter does wonders for stretch marks. Not the cream, the actual butter. I'm going to check it out myself, I'll let you know :)